The Tale of Wohn, a Tale of Passion
The Tale of Wohn, a Tale of Passion
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▲ Wohn, the pioneer of
   "What have I done to be an interviewee?" she asks. Now a reporter at the JoongAng Daily, Wohn Dong-hee was a Ewhaian unlike others. During the 4 years of nesting in Ewha, she had many extraordinary experiences to create memories, and contribute to her future.
   At a time like this when freshmen carefully step in with anticipation and others also walk in to see what the coming year might bring, Wohn's anecdotes as an Ewhaian are eminently appropriate.
   1. Freshman year
   When I stepped into Ewha, I was young and there were things that I was extremely passionate about; music, for example. Once, I got to know the singer Shin Hae-chul, a renowned rock star at the time. When he asked me if I wanted to participate in making the music video with him, I took the offer without hesitation. Then, swiftly, a chance called Ewha Voice came by, and I grabbed it. My experiences with this group has given me tons of memories and brought precious people to my life.
   2. Sophomore year
   At the end of my freshmen year, I got an offer to work for a small magazine which is distributed in trains and planes. Working for a while as translating the Korean articles to English, I got another offer to work actually as an editor of the magazine. Along with it, I did something that I always cherish as the great memory; putting on Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde on stage with my friends. During the visit to New York that I took fond of the musical, and from then I wanted to put it on stage in Korea. With a thought in mind, I gathered orchestra, actors, and built sets, and practiced days and nights to finally put on stage the first English version Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in Korea. We received a lot of praises, but the most precious of all was the memory left.
   3. Junior year
   It was in my third year that I started thinking about the senior- junior relationships within Ewha. Students enter Ewha with an expectation of meeting many seniors and having countless free lunches with them. This so often touted charm of being a freshmen, was found nowhere in Ewha. With repentant hearts, my friend and I started thinking of ways to actually connect seniors and juniors; to create relationship-webs to connect Ewhaians.Thus, we created the site, and advertised it on and offline by ourselves. We met a lot of people on the way, and learned a lot of precious things that you cannot learn sitting at a desk.
   Although one might not see the necessity or effect of mentoring right away, it can be said that the difference shows afterwards. Mentoring guides students to take the shortcut, and reduce the trials and errors. Although one might say that one learns from the trials and errors, I personally think that unnecessary trials and errors should be avoided. However, mentoring not only benefits the one being mentored but also the mentor. Being out in society makes me realize that other Ewhaian's success shape your own as well. It is a definite truth that the overall conception of Ewhaians in the society is likely to affect your own image. Thus, another Ewhaian, possibly someone you're mentored, being successful due to your own advices, is a benefit to you as well.
   5. Regrets
   One thing that I regret about my four years, is the fact that I did not care much about my grades. I can confidently say now that a Grade Percent Average (GPA) influences your career path more than one actually might expect, especially when you try to get a job. The first thing that your potential employers judge you on is your GPA. Although trying new and wild things is great, taking care of your grades is inevitably necessary­hard, but necessary!
  6. Few words for the new Ewhaians
  Be passionate and bold and do not fear the consequences. What you are given to try now might not be available later.

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