Vegan culture in Berlin 3
Vegan culture in Berlin 3
  • Kim Jee-min
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Exploring an alternative lifestyle in Europe’s vegan mecca

Other Nature: A feminist, queer, sex-positive, eco-friendly, vegan sex shop

Veganism is about much more than just a careful diet. All products used by vegans have strict rules about the treatment of animals regarding their composition and manufacturing process. Most sex shops, for example, sell products that abuse animals in their production, including most leather products, floggers, lubricants, and condoms. In order to combat this non-vegan lifestyle associated with sex products, Other Nature established itself as a feminist, queer, sex-positive, eco-friendly vegan sex shop. Other Nature did not intend to label itself as a vegan sex shop, but it came to be naturally. Because the store wanted to foster care and compassion as its foundation, as well as its particular needs for natural and good-quality products, veganism became the most apparent choice in terms of product selection. “Most sex shops carry certain items which are traditionally derived from animals,” explained Sara, the founder of Other Nature. “For example: leather strap-ons, as well as leather cuffs, floggers, and other BDSM gear. Leather items are the most obvious non-vegan products. But condoms and some lubricants are also not vegan.” Therefore, Other Nature’s selection does not include animalderived ingredients or products, and instead sells artificial leather, nylon, and rubber products. Recycled materials such as used bicycle tubes are used as well. Other Nature also offers a wide range of vegan condoms, gloves, dental dams, and vegan lubricants. In addition to being vegan, Other Nature also strives to be environmentally friendly in all of their endeavors. Sex toys are often made using toxic and porous materials, which are potentially hazardous to your health. In contrast, this sex shop uses environment and body-friendly ingredients in their products by seeking companies that carry out safe practices, offers a wide selection of locally made products from Berlin as well as other countries, and does not use products with phthalate, a potentially toxic agent which makes plastics more pliable. Feminist, queer, and sex-positive values are also innate values of Other Nature. The store especially values sex education, even making space for a small library full of sex-related books within the store. Other Nature also hosts numerous workshops. “The workshops are not always about sex,” Sara said. “We also want to help and encourage underage people, so we would also love to bring fun events such as menstrual parties for girls.” Even if one does not believe that using animal products is wrong, it is especially important in this day to help the environment in any way possible. With leaders like Trump and Putin denying climate change, it is crucial for the citizens of the world to consider veganism as a way of reducing the harm to the environment caused by using animal products. This sex shop, grocery, shoes and accessory store, and canteen may be a sign of things to come if veganism is universally adopted in the future.

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