Life changing global exchanges in AISEC EWHA
Life changing global exchanges in AISEC EWHA
  • Kim Ji-hee, Local committee pr
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AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-run organization that has approximately 70,000 members in 127 countriess and territories. AIESEC empowers young people by providing them with global exchange programs. Cross-cultural exchange develops leadership in youth so that they can make a positive social impact. There are two types of global exchange programs: “Global Volunteer,” also known as GV, and “Global Talent,” also known as GT.
Global Volunteer program is an international volunteer abroad experience that enables a participant to work on projects that impact social issues. In the process of planning and running project with youth from other countries, participants can truly fulfill their global leadership and contribute to the community development. Also during the program, the host family and matched buddy will always be with the participants and offer help in case of any problems. GV can also give applicants a great chance to tour another country. After the volunteer work, participants are free to spend extra time traveling the country. 
Global Talent program gives students and recent graduates the opportunity to take on a cross-cultural professional development experience with international companies from around the world. Since more than a thousand different kinds of GT are being updated everyday, applicants can choose the country, period and business they want to apply for. Moreover, unlike other internship programs, GT helps youth to understand the cultural difference of other countries and provides youth with an opporunity to grow as a global leader.
AIESEC EWHA is providing exchange programs to youth in Ewha Womans University. First, AIESEC EWHA is managing Yellow ID in Kakao Talk and sending information o exchange programs that youth can apply for. Anyone who are interested in GV and GT can add “AIESEC EWHA Internship Newsletter” as a friend and get to know more about the exchange program. 
Second, AIESEC EWHA is uploading promotion poster of exchange programs in school community sites such as “Everytime” and “Ewhaian.” Not only that, there is a Facebook page named “AIESEC EWHA.W” where specific information related to exchange program in AIESEC EWHA are updated. 
Third, AIESEC EWHA is regularly having an open booth to promote these programs. This month, AIESEC EWHA participated at “Career Fair” on March 7 and 8 and is having another open booth on March 23, 29 and 30 at the Student Union Building. There will be free one-on-one consulting time  and introduction of recommended GV programs. It will be the great chance to look for the exchange programs that you have dreamed of. 

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