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The rise of women engineers 1
Universities support women in male dominated field of engineering
2017년 02월 28일 (화) 16:14:24 Ewha Voice evoice@ewha.ac.kr

Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) held Smart Car Exhibition where 23 teams of female students raced their hand-made cars. Photo provided by SKKU. 

Engineering has long been considered as a man’s domain. However, with the growth of the engineering industry, people have come to realize the need for women engineers. In adjusting to this social trend, universities are making efforts to improve engineering education for female students by adopting new programs or reorganizing  college curriculums. In this issue, Ewha Voice will delve into the current state of engineering education for women and the advancements taking place in the field.

Engineering College Reformed
Ewha built upon its reputation as the first in women’s education. The school’s history include becoming Korea’s first approved university in 1946 and Korea’s first Women’s University to have built medical and law school.
Since building the world’s first engineering college in a women’s university in 1996, the school gradually expanded the branches of engineering in step with the growing social expectation of the field.
With the Ministry of Education’s Program for Industrial needs-Matched Educations (PRIME) project, Ewha aimed to further cultivate students’ academic abilities and career competence through their college school education.
The new ELTEC (Excellence, Leadership, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Convergence) College of Engineering, previously known as the College of Engineering, was redesigned with four new departments and nine majors. With the expansion of engineering departments, 514 students were admitted this year.
ELTEC College of Engineering also opened a new educational system for students, including the establishment of Prime Cube subjects, which is divided into three branches: humanities, content, and design cube. These subjects  integrate different fields of study under the engineering background.
ELTEC also introduced the SuPP graduation accreditation system. Short for Start-up, Patent and Product, students can submit the results of start-ups, patent certifications or newly invented products and receive credits for their graduation.
To encourage and support newly admitted students, the college grants full scholarships for one or two semesters to every student accepted through early admission.
In addition to the new programs, the college will start an 8+2 semester where students can participate in internship opportunities and global field training during two vacation periods among the total of eight school semesters.

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