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Ewha’s triple decker welcome to Class of 2017
2017년 02월 28일 (화) 15:43:26 Shin Hyo-jae annyshin@ewhain.net

On Feb. 21 the incoming Class of 2017 participated in a freshmen orientation at the Welch-Ryang Auditorium. The Welch-Ryang Auditorium orientation (Auditorium OT) is one of the three main events that marks the beginning of a new year, along with the Matriculation Ceremony and the “Welcome to Ewha” event.
The Auditorium OT was open to all freshmen and was organized by Starting Ewha, the 49th Student Government Association (SGA). Prior to the Matriculation Ceremony, the Auditorium OT introduced campus life to the newly admitted freshmen. Programs included an introduction of the SGA, events throughout the academic year, major clubs, and so on.
Various clubs highlighted the event with their performances for the new students.
“We prepared for the Auditorium OT for two months,” commented viEWHAlloo, a dance club that performed at the Auditorium OT. “For songs that required a more complicated and detailed choreography, we practiced for over six months.”
The participating clubs were selected through an application process. Unlike the other two major events, Auditorium OT also encouraged freshmen to participate in the organization of the event.
On Feb. 24, 10 a.m., the festive atmosphere warmed the morning chill as students seated themselves in the Welch-Ryang Auditorium for the 2017 Matriculation Ceremony. 
Straight after the Matriculation Ceremony, a less formal informative welcom event “Welcome to Ewha” was held by Student Services. Fellow alumnae Announcer Park Eun-young hosted the event where she warmly welcomed the new freshmen and brought life into the program. Directed like a talk show, “Welcome to Ewha” introduced current students and alumni who shared their experience at Ewha and tips for the freshmen.
“I was interested in ‘Welcome to Ewha’ after learning about it through the Office of International Affairs,” said Liam A. Watson, an international exchange student. “I was nervous about speaking on stage but signed up anyway, and before I realized, I was up on stage, sharing my experience at school.”
The topics ranged from the names and locations of basic facilities around the campus and ways to utilize them, to various student support programs such as the student exchange program and Ewha Dawoori, a peer mentoring program.
“We try to cover as many areas to help students settle in and adjust to the new university life,” said Student Services.  
With the start of a new academic year, Class of 2017 are preparing for their first step into their university life at Ewha.
“I now have higher expectations for my university life after receiving such a warm welcome,” said Yook Se-won, from the Class of 2017.

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