University students take stance 3
University students take stance 3
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Political outrage against President Park

Hand-written posters fill universities
While SGA represents the whole university, individual students are also raising their voices in the society. Various actions are taking place, such as starting signature campaigns or student demonstrations. However, the most common way for university students to express their thoughts is through putting up hand-written posters. Although hand-written posters might seem less significant compared with declaration of situations, they are windows through which students can hear different opinions and informations from others.
“I always take great interest whenever hand-written posters are put up,” shared a freshman from Sungkyunkwan University. “I think the element of anonymity helps students assert their opinions powerfully or appeal to others’ emotions without having to worry about other factors, such as personal security.”
While many hand-written posters are written annonymously, some prefer to write their names. Kwak Na-hyun, a freshman majoring in Communication & Media, shared her story to why she decided to put up the hand-written poster.
“I was introduced to hand-written posters when I felt that something was wrong with the current government,” Kwak said. “As a member of both the Korean society and Ewha, I wanted to express my thoughts on this issue and encourage others to take part as well.”
She said that she earned the courage to write her name on the poster after seeing that some others also revealed their names.
“I did feel a little bit embarrassed as I felt like my writing wasn’t perfect,” Kwak commented. “However, I took pride in the claims made in my poster, so I decided to write my name instead of choosing anonymity.”
She mentioned that she took careful steps not to go into too many details. Although the current government is suspected of various corrupted actions, she wanted to highlight the main problem; how Choi’s act of intervening government affairs is illegal.
With many students actively writing hand-written posters like Kwak, the posters can be seen on campuses in various universities. Actions asking for the step down of President Park and proper government management seems to be continuing throughout the nation until the issue is resolved.
Reporters: Jang Min-jeong, Lim Ye-ju, Kim Jee-min, Lee Tae-hee

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