Wholesome Food As The Train To Comfort And Warmth
Wholesome Food As The Train To Comfort And Warmth
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By Lim Rhie-young

   "Food, like a loving touch or a glimpse of divine power, has that ability to comfort," once said Norman Kolpas, the award-winning cookbook author. Wholesome foods that help people thrive through winter shivers are true comfort and warmth for the shaken. The most sought-after drinks during the winter at Ewha are usually caf?latte, hot chocolate, and citron tea.
   At the International Education Building's kiosk, students are more inclined to buy today? soup and doria, which is rice baked in a way similar to cheese gratin according to the manager Kim Kyung-ja (46). Also, because of a strong female attraction to its sweet and irresistible taste, chocolate cakes are a favorite among Ewha students. Students vastly munchon the pumpkin cake, which is known to be a well-being item and a luscious treats to the hardworkers of Ewha.
   At the cafe located in the basement floor of the Human Ecology Building, citron tea is the most sought-after drink according to the manager Choi Ji-ho (36). Hot chocolate and cafe latte are also more preferred than in summer. Muffins and cookies are simultaneously consumed with the hot teas that serve as refreshments for the quivering shoulders of Ewha students during winter. Ice latte and fruits are among the most aggrandized items during summer. Fruits are not so popular in colder seasons. Pineapple sticks, however are still popular.
   At Ewha Sarang, hot chocolate, cafe latte, and citron tea are the three most sought-after drinks during winter. The manager of Ewha Sarang Lee Woo-min (26) stated that most female students believe citron tea to be healthy, whereas male students do not have such fondness for the drink.
   At Beautiful Garden, hot chocolate and cafe latte are again the most-consumed items, like the other two cafeterias according to Kim Suh-myung (29). Bagels are especially adored by female students because they are easy to carry around and have low calories to perfectly suit the "well-being boom."
   Ewha students are well aware of the enrichment that food can bring. Hence they nourish themselves with wholesome food to spend the cold, brisk season in a more pleasant manner.


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