THE Portfolio, a career manager for students
THE Portfolio, a career manager for students
  • Kim Yun-young
  • 승인 2016.10.17 12:35
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THE Portfolio, an online career management system, opened on Sept. 20, with an update scheduled in mid October. It is part of the ACE project aimed to develop “THE people” which stands for TELOS HOKMA Experience.
The system gives information on the academic and non-academic courses that each student has taken and can take until graduation. By recording activities students participated in, the system provides a customized career path for each undergraduate as well as the different competencies required in advancing a specific field.
In its opening, the system mainly consisted of four parts: THE Study, Competency Management,   Future Navigation, and My Portfolio.
Each section plays a specific role in assisting students efficiently identify school courses, extracurricular activities, seminars, workshops, special lectures, and more that accords to the career path. As such school programs are organized into a single online system, its accessibility has been improved.
Once the records accumulate over the years, students will be able to architect their future more easily by referencing the connection between the alumnae’s past school experiences and their current career.
“Better data will be available when we directly consult the employed alumnae’s resumes,” said Cheon Yun-pil, the team leader of Office of Education Innvoation.
Employed graduates can also write experiences from a specific company such as tips for job interviews. The uploaded mock portfolios by undergraduates can be viewed by alumnae and be given their feedbacks as well.
“In the update, we plan to add services that used to be provided by Career Development Center,” Cheon said. “For example, special lectures on current job market, mentoring programs, and employment information will be newly applied.”
The third opening will take place in mid November with a mobile service. By next month, each student will be able to share her own portfolio like a webzine.
THE Portfolio will enable students to take a bird’s-eye view when considering their future course of studies or career.

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