Ewha Volunteers Share The Warmth Of Social Service
Ewha Volunteers Share The Warmth Of Social Service
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By Kim Soo-hyun

   "Ewha Volunteers," a group of Ewha students who participate in the educational society welfare program provided by the Volunteer Center at Ewha, was established in 2001 in cooperation with the Corporation Leftovers Love Sharing Community and helps children from broken homes of agrarian and industrial complex areas. Performing both national and international services, Ewha Volunteers puts into practice the idea, "Love thy neighbor."
   Every seasonal break, applicants are selected based on their experience with children and dedication to care-giving services for the community. Those recruited take part in leading three forms of educational activities: regular school studies, extracurricular activities, and camp activities.
   One of the most recent and impressive social services by the students took place last summer when the students visited Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do to help build homes for the homeless children. “The Joy of Giving Love to Others” by Yang Mi-ji (Special Education, 4) delivers the heart-warming experience of Ewha Volunteers.
   In the burning heat of a summer day, Ewha Volunteers climbed up the ladders with no hesitation to work on the roof construction. It was the most difficult task, which required two entire days of hammering and measuring. At the time, I was wearing a long sleeved shirt and long pants to protect myself and I had on a mask and goggles. I was covered with sweat that was literally dropping down into my mouth and eyes. With only an hour of break time, we worked ceaselessly. My neck and arms stung from the heat burns and sweat. However, just the thought that we would be providing someone with shelter filled my heart with a feeling that could not be expressed in words.
   Many thanks go to the architects and professional workers who taught us their techniques, the high school students who participated despite the pressures of college entrance, the teachers who gave them the opportunity, the overseas students who dedicated their summer trip to Korea solely for this service, and lastly to Ewha Volunteers. Truly, it was a great summer.


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