Returning To The Past Through Cultural Displays At Sungkyunkwan University
Returning To The Past Through Cultural Displays At Sungkyunkwan University
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   ◆Within the gates of Sungkyunkwan University, there stands a museum that clearly shows the past and the present of the university? 600-year long tradition.
   The museum was built on June 22, 1964, and it celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. In 1964, when the museum was first built, it was established on the fifth floor of the Central Library. The current museum was newly built in the B1 floor of the 600th Anniversary Building in 2000.
   Sungkyunkwan Uniersity's museum is divided into five sections. The first part displays the history of Sungkyunkwan University, including pictures of famous alumni and old, school-related items.
   The second section, the traditional Korean culture section, shows old Korean houses and daily living items such as an official? hat, a backpack, a writing desk, a covering for a man's topknot, a chest, a brush case and more.
   This section also showcases samples of calligraphy by famous people. Lives of Korean male scholars are shown in detail through different props in different time period.
   The third section is dedicated to white pottery jars. Blue and white porcelain jars decorated with cloud and dragon designs made in the Joseon Dynasty are exhibited.
   The fourth section displays traditional Korean musical instruments and clothings related to performances. Neatly organized chimes made of bronze bells, a string zither, a tiger-shaped scraper, a chuck, and drums are among them.
   The fifth section is now holding a special exhibition to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the museum. It portrays the Byeolsandae Mask Dance-drama of Yangju, one of Korea? traditional mask dances. Here, the dance moves and the clothing, culture and history of the dance are explained through pictures, writings, and manikins.

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