From Rouen to Ewha, my story
From Rouen to Ewha, my story
  • Gabrielle Comoz
  • 승인 2016.09.12 10:44
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As a business school student, it has been a while since I started to dream about doing my exchange semester.
I am actually studying management at Neoma Business School in Rouen – a city situated one hour from Paris to be precise – and we have the opportunity to study abroad for one semester in a country we choose.
I heard so many nice stories and great feedbacks on this kind of experience that I couldn’t wait. Students from Neoma Business School are able to share their experiences on our own Internet platform and also during some seminar. Everyone seemed to enjoy this period of their schooling, wherever they went.
As we have hundreds of university’s partnerships, it wasn’t easy at first to have a precise idea of the country in which I wanted to study: am I looking for a boundary-breaking destination? The answer was definitely a yes.
But then, which continent should I pick? I thought I might choose something different from places I have previously been to. That was decided, I will go to Asia!
During my internship in Germany, I met some people that had just returned from Korea and told me how they fell in love with the country. They described it as a great mix between tradition and modernism, which totally encouraged me to apply for a Korean university.
Then came the choice of the university. I have to admit the campus meant a lot for me, and Ewha was idealistic since the school is surrounded by shopping streets and restaurants!
I wasn’t disappointed when I arrived: the people flowing and young people walking around the area was one of the first good feelings I had. Moreover, the sympathy and welcoming-ness known from the Korean people was true: as I could not find the Ewha main gate, one high school student just accompanied me through gates even to the dormitory. I found it so nice! You cannot find such kindness in every country.
The campus is so big that I got lost several times, but it enabled me to discover all the buildings on campus. Ewha felt like an American campus as it appears to be a small village located in the inner center of Seoul.
With numerous exchange students of different nationalities here, I feel like I am in another world and that is perfect since I was planning to go to Ewha with that purpose in mind.
As of now, I am satisfied by the large number of courses proposed by the Graduate School of International Studies; a lot of classes will enable me to discover more about the Korean culture and economy. 
Last but not least, the Office of International Affairs is really helping us feel at home here and guiding us through the integration path. I am really looking forward to participating in diversely organized events in Seoul and in the region. I am sure now that I will leave Korea with amazing souvenirs, experience, and memories.

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