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2016년 09월 12일 (월) 10:38:41 Ewha Voice evoice@ewha.ac.kr

Student Government Associations step in to improve students’ housing problems
Apart from government-run programs to bolster the welfare of students who live outside their homes, Student Government Associations (SGAs) of various schools are also endeavoring to alleviate students’ housing burden.
For instance, the SGA of Seoul National University (SNU) works in association with a social venture made up of the school’s alumnae, CO.T.ABLE, to run a program called “Seoul National University, Everybody’s House ” This year, the program has helped 56 SNU students find suitable housing in 12 apartments, studio apartments, and other forms of housing. Each living space holds four to eight students, and they share out the deposit and the rent among themselves, therefore lessening each student’s financial burden.
 “The current dormitory of SNU can house only about 11 to 12 percent of all undergraduates.” revealed Kim Min-seok, the vice president of the SGA. “Anyone can apply for the Everybody’s House, as long as the applicant is an SNU student.”
Despite the already existing programs run and funded by the government to alleviate the students’ housing problems, Kim feels that there is still no adequate service provided for those students who need to live around the campus.
“I wouldn’t say that the government’s programs have specific flaws,” Kim said. “However, in general, there are still not enough programs to deal with the housing problems of the youth, including university students.”
Another example of such SGA-run programs to help students with housing problems is the Slug Scholarship, which is given out to students of Yonsei University, Soongsil University and more. The SGA and school cooperatives collaborates to fund the scholarship. Students who live outside both their homes and the school dormitory can apply for the scholarship, provided that they satisfy a relatively low GPA cutline.
“I think it is good that the school and the SGA have recognized the needs of those who live neither in their homes nor the school dormitory,” said a student of Yonsei university and a recipient of the scholarship.
Reporters: Hong Ki-yeon, Lim Ye-ju, Shin Hyo-jae, Lee Ye-jun

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