First Sleepless in Library “One Night Two Days” is held
First Sleepless in Library “One Night Two Days” is held
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Ewha Centennial Library held Sleepless in Library “One Night Two Days” from May 27 to 28. It was the first library program at Ewha to be held overnight. The event began at 9 p.m. on May 27 and ended at 6 a.m. on the following day.
The occasion was organized to give students an opportunity to enjoy unique activities at the library. Due to the popularity of the event, the first-come, first-served basis registration for the event ended in just 25 hours with 130 students participated in the gathering.
The event was composed of diverse programs including a lecture, quizzes, and group activities. As for the group activities, the students had to choose from reading, movie-watching, or calligraphy camp.
Sleepless in Library “One Night Two Days” started with a special lecture given by professor Lyu Chul-gyun from the Division of Convergence & Interdisciplinary Studies. Titled “5 Stories of Stories: Tales of 5 Meaningful Books,” the lecture offered a typological theory of narratives, examining how each type of subject matter brings together an identifiable range of thematic or narrative components. 
Then, professor Lyu introduced Story Helper, the first storytelling support software in Korea. The tool was made by Ewha Digital Storytelling R&D Center in collaboration with NCsoft, an online video and mobile game development company. Lyu related that Story Helper uses a database of existing works to help people generate ideas and write stories necessary for  production of media such as novels, movies and dramas. As an expert in the field of digital storytelling, he explained how stories can be created through artificial intelligence.
At the end of his lecture, he recommended five books to participants such as Confucius: The Man and the Myth.

Staying overnight at the University Library

Many students remarked that the professor’s lecture was the best part of the nightlong gathering.
“The concept of using software for storytelling was extremely unique,” said Won Da-yeon, a junior majoring in English Education. “By reading books from the professor’s book list, we can also expand what we have learned from the lecture.”
After professor Lyu’s lecture, the library staff gave quizzes about the content of the lecture and the library. An SNS pop quiz was posted on the school library’s Facebook page and off-line quizzes about the library’s functions, regulations, and history followed. Gift cards and books were distributed as prizes.
Once the quizzes had ended, students were divided into three groups for their activities. Organized into reading, movie-watching, and calligraphy camps, the activities took place for three hours.
Participants of the reading camp chose a book from 79 works recommended by the library and submitted a book report to the library. Displayed on the bookshelves of the second floor of the building, the books were of diverse genres such as history, adventure, and essays.
Students who participated in the movie-watching camp watched movies in groups of two, six or 20 decided by a draw. After watching a movie selected by the library, they  also submitted movie reviews.
Because the groups were assigned by a draw, participants watched movies with people they were unfamiliar with. International students watched movies with Korean students as well.
“I watched ‘The Age of Innocence’ with another student matched by the draw,” said Lee Ye-sol, a junior majoring in Sociology. “Although I had met her for the first time, we shared comments about the movie and eventually got to know each other.”
In addition to reading and movie camps, a calligraphy workshop took place. Calligrapher Jeong Joon-sik taught students how to write calligraphy by giving a presentation and one-on-one lessons. Participants designed library slogans, messages, and emblems by using brush pens.
They also colored sketches of school buildings such as Emerson Chapel and Hak-gwan. The students submitted their works of calligraphy related to the library, some of which will be used for promotion.
After all activities had ended, all participants gathered on the second floor of the library for the award ceremony. Students who have created outstanding works from the three camps were given prizes. Souvenirs and snacks were distributed to all students at the end of the event while the dawn broke.
“Held in celebration of the school’s 130th anniversary, Sleepless in Library ‘One Night Two Days’  enabled students to participate in various cultural activities, acquire experience and gain information about the library,” said Kim Se-joo, a library staff. “By actively participating in the overnight event, students would have made unforgettable memories at the library.”

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