Falling in love – with someone, something, somewhere
Falling in love – with someone, something, somewhere
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Falling in love is always magical. It is an amazing feeling, being eager to know more about it, willing to do tedious work for it even when I am exhausted, happy to stay up all night without getting drained and still feeling the energy coursing through my veins as the sun rises. Knowing what is to love and be passionate means that I know what Billy from Billy Elliot felt when he danced: “…but once I get going I forget everything. And sorta disappear. Like I feel a change in my whole body. And I’ve got this fire in my body. I’m just there. Flying like a bird. Like electricity.”
The object of love should not be limited to someone, or more specifically, someone you personally know. It is entirely possible to fall in love with an actor on television, a book, or a cozy nook in the library where you can hole up and read. Knowing that I have something that will certainly comfort me after having a rough day is like having a safety net ready all the time, and provides one with security and stability. At times, it can be a source of motivation to work hard, whether the object itself is the goal or a mere reward. 
However, psychological benefit is not the only merit of passion and love. It can bring practical benefits as well, even if I did not intend to make anything out of it. I have supported a certain singer for approximately eight years. I fell in love with him when I was in middle school, and my affections did not die out like everyone else predicted. In fact, I joined a translation team and worked as an amateur translator for foreign fans for roughly four years. Now I have friends in Russia, Chile, Peru, France, Germany and many other countries, and became interested in foreign cultures. I learned how to work as a team and complete tasks within a short span of time.I met two of my closest friends who were also fans. With one of them I went on a one-month-long Europe tour, where I fell in love with Prague, Czech. The memories of traveling the city around on foot, eating delicious food, listening to music on the Charles Bridge with a beer on one hand and talking about everything, made our friendship stronger. 
When I entered Ewha, I had no interest in English literature. I was determined to be an English major, not because I wanted to study the subject but because I was relatively confident studying in English compared to other subjects. Now I am considering to continue studying English literature in a graduate school. I fell in love with Shakespeare’s Sonnets and John Milton’s Paradise Lost and am completely smitten with English drama. I feel happy when I am in class and sometimes even doing homework or taking an exam is quite enjoyable. Since I started to wish that I could study English literature and watch plays and movies in England, the origin, I am currently preparing to apply for the exchange program.
In many cases, the people, things and places I fell in love with literally changed my life. The change might be immediate or far away, practical or not, big or small. Nevertheless, it eventually always happened even though not once did I deliberately participated in any of the aforementioned activities for benefits. As Steve Jobs once said, “the dots connect.” However, do not be anxious and intentionally search for the dots to connect. The dots will find you, or might already be in your life unknowingly. Simply do what you love, and while you are having fun, the bonuses will come along. Even if it does not provide you with any additional benefits, it is still worth it. 
After all, why not pursue a passion that makes you energetic, may possibly be useful in the future and puts a huge smile on your face? Never hesitate to fall in love, be passionate, and be happy.

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