Universities provide cheap breakfast for students
Universities provide cheap breakfast for students
  • Jang Min-jeong
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Students exit the subway station, choose  a rice ball sold by a vendor, and hurry to school. This scene is not unusual in mornings on the way to Ewha. Although having breakfast is believed to be essential for a productive day, many students dash to classes without having the first meal of their day. Recognizing this, some universities have decided to take action to encourage students to eat breakfast by providing cheap or free meals in the mornings.
Since June of last year, Seoul National University (SNU) began selling breakfast at an incredibly low price of 1,000 won to lessen the financial burden. By the proposal of the student council, SNU initiated the program as a movement for eating breakfast. The overall response from students towards this inexpensive breakfast has been positive.
“I am pleased to have breakfast at a cheap price,” said Kim Sang-jun, a freshman of SNU. “I felt the nutritionists tried to create a nutritiously balanced meal within the budget.”
SNU was also aware of the students’ response and explained how it became popular as time passed.
“Students are satisfied with the school’s initiative,” said an official of Seoul National University Cooperative. “The number of students who come to eat breakfast increased 70 to 80 percent from the beginning of the service.”
Like SNU, Pusan National University carried out 1,000 won breakfast project as well. Starting from April 18, it has provided for the students who come to the school library early in the morning. The breakfast is to be served only on the weekdays of school terms and the menu will be more diversified in the near future. Adopted by the student council, it received support from the university and the related enterprise of the school cafeteria. Currently, the system is highly welcomed by many students and will be continued as long as the positive responses from students continues.
Alongside the cheap breakfast that other universities are offering, Ewha carried out a short-term event in which it provided free breakfast for students during the mid-term exam period from April 22 to 24. The Office of Student Affairs prepared free rice porridge, bread, and yogurt for 400 students everyday as one of the Ewha Sarang Program Series.
“The number of students who came to have the free breakfast increased day by day during the event, ” said an official from Student Services. “It was especially acclaimed by the students who studied overnight on campus. Making improvements based on our first experience, we are planning to hold the event again during the liberal arts exam period, but with more food servings.”
Lee Ye-ji, a student who had the free breakfast was indeed satisfied.
“I think the school is paying attention to students and organizing various events for a healthier school life,” said Lee Ye-ji, a sophomore of Communication & Media Studies. “As the staff in the cafeteria were very kind, it felt like they were encouraging me for exams. I hope there are more of such programs offered for students during the exam periods.”

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