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Being a student is a privilege
2016년 04월 11일 (월) 11:18:40 Ewha Voice evoice@ewha.ac.kr

It has already been over two years since I entered the university, and I realize now how fast the time flies. It seems like it was only yesterday that I was a freshman, ready to enjoy the life as a university student. However, now suddenly I am a junior, already in the midst of the school years. I bet that I would be thinking about the same thing as my graduation comes closer.
Recently since the start of this semester I have decided to start tutoring again, a part-time job that I have not done since freshman. I was planning to go on a vacation trip with a group of friends, and I desperately needed the money. I am now tutoring 3 adult students who are all office workers, trying to improve their English skills. Although I am a teacher, I realize that I was learning a very important lesson from them, the lesson that being a student is a privilege.
I admit that our generation is not the luckiest line, with students worrying about how to pay their expensive tuition bills and having a hard time building their careers. Nevertheless, being a student is a privilege that one cannot enjoy when they become adults. Since we are students, although we may dream of impossible dreams, veer out of the original course or a plan, we have an excuse to say that these are all okay because we are students.
Also, as we are students, we should do the best we can to flourish our knowledge. The three students I am currently teaching all regret not doing the best in learning English, which is why they are learning now as their companies require them to do so. Of course, it is never too late to start learning, but the students say that their brain seems to have been “hardened” so that they have difficulty learning than they did when they were students. Thus, we should learn more, and experience more as much as possible so that all of these memories and knowledge can be an asset for us in the future.
My two years as a freshmen and sophomore were fun, but I now began to regret a little how I did not realize how precious my time as a student was, which is why the two years left in the university is so important to me. University education would be a guideline for the rest of my career, so I would try to study harder, and also, I want to start doing things that I can only do as a student, such as traveling many places, and doing various extracurricular activities that I have always been interested in, the things that would be difficult for me to do when I become an adult because of lack of time.
Adults always say to the young generation “When I was your age…” or “If I could go back to when I was a student…” However, I never fully understood why they would want to go back.
Now, meeting and interacting with my three students made me realize how precious my time is as a student, because being a student is another special entitlement that would end when I graduate. The two things so obvious, yet so important were strongly engraved within my heart, and I truly hope, and will do the best to enjoy my full privilege as a student in the remaining years left in my university life.

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