Leaving The Ewha Voice
Leaving The Ewha Voice
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  • 승인 2004.11.02 00:00
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   After publishing 23 volumes of the Ewha Voice with senior and junior reporters for the past five semesters, my three colleagues and I are just a few weeks away from leaving the Ewha Voice. Stepping away was something that we have always wanted, yet dreaded.
   Is there anything that you would be willing to change three years of your college life with? Would you believe that the papers you simply pass by or often use as umbrellas on rainy days were something that I exchanged my youth with? For me and for the Ewha Voice reporters, the newspapers that are published on every first Wednesdays were everything. We would smile before a satisfying article and cry over a minor spelling error. The Ewha Voice was a combination of our passion and efforts. I now realize how lucky I was to be a part of all that.
   It all started out like this: An unsophisticated first year student, full of hopes and expectations about college life at Ewha, saw a poster about the Ewha Voice recruiting cub reporters one afternoon in April, 2002. She simply thought "Why not give it a try?" and somehow passed all the tests and interviews. One day she was notified that she was accepted. She swore to herself that she would take the Ewha Voice to be her profession for five semesters to love and to cherish until retirement draws them apart. This naive girl, who actually knew nothing about what was awaiting her, eventually spent five full semesters at the Ewha Voice, which was truly the biggest, yet luckiest mistake she had made ever since.
   The Ewha Voice was like a trap. I might have come in of my own will, but getting out was another story. I either had to stay there until the end or had to be kicked out. And the worst thing was that the Ewha Voice was absorbing large parts of my college life and making me totally crazy about it. After all, the Ewha Voice qualified me as a person passionate enough to devote myself to something without expecting any return. Having to stay up all night proofreading every letter taught me what companionship and working together truly meant, and gave me three valuable friends Seo-my, Mi-ri, and Chae-gyung.
   There is no doubt that the Ewha Voice was a charming experience, but it would be a total lie if I were to say that there was not one moment I wanted to quit. I bet my colleagues would agree that the life as an Ewha Voice reporter was a challenge from the beginning. The reception that was supposed to welcome us as new cub reporters was held at a cafeteria within the campus one evening with few seniors who seemed to be thrilled to finally meet us. The next day, we were given a list of beats that we had to cover. There was so much work for the cub reporters that we wondered how this group had run without us.
   I eventually fell in love with the Ewha Voice, and now I am getting ready to leave. For the past few days, I have been trying to find some fascinating words to modify my leaving the Ewha Voice. But apparently, I failed. Being the voice of thousands of Ewha students for three years was much too complex to be expressed in a few words. Instead, I leave behind all the 23 volumes of the Ewha Voice that Seo-my, Mi-ri, Chae-gyung, and I published together. Our traces are left in the papers, and I think that will be enough, wouldn? it?

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