Burden for course registration diminishes
Burden for course registration diminishes
  • Jang Min-jeong
  • 승인 2016.03.14 11:12
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Students sitting in front of computers in PC rooms is not a rare scene on course registration day. They all start clicking the “enter” button at the same time, but only a small number of students succeed in registration. To take courses, some students started to use various methods such as an illegal macro system that makes automatic clicks. They even ask their friends to help register courses or sell their classes on the school community website.
The course registration has always been a major cause of headache for many students in Korea. Even though all students pay the same tuition, not all of them are able to take the course they want. Due to high competition, students complain that they cannot take a course simply because they register a course a few seconds later than the others. To deal with this, Ewha decided to adopt a new strategy.
Starting this semester, the school is allowing professors to freely increase the enrollment capacity during registration confirmation and change period. Previously, professors had to get approval from the Office of Faculty and Academy Affairs to increase the class capacity. This took a longer time due to the complicated process. With the new program, professors are able to adjust the number of students in class on their own without any external approval and delay.
Some students responded positively regarding this change.
“I think this system is very beneficial for students,” said Kim Ju-hee, a sophomore in Division of International Studies. “Currently, the number of students who can register for the major is limited. However, if professors can easily increase the class capacity, the course registration will be less competitive. Also, I hope the school explains well about the registration to those who have to retake the course.”
Aside from the bright prospective, there is a concern about the effectiveness of this program since there might be lack of seats in the classroom. In this case, students may not be able to take a class even if they are registered properly.
“The school adopted this program for the convenience of professors so that they can increase class capacity immediately on their own computers,” said Chung Hye-jung, the associate dean of Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs. “Despite some limits on the system, the office will try its best to improve the educational environment by securing classrooms when reorganizing space or establishing new buildings.”

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