Rumors around constructions turn out to be false
Rumors around constructions turn out to be false
  • Lee Jae-lim
  • 승인 2016.02.29 11:38
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The school has secured a new area plan for the construction of new buildings. The school has just “secured” the area for construction, but any specific plans regarding renovations or constructions have not yet been decided.
There are four main categories of territories that are set as a standard for all universities; normal management area, external activity area, symbolic scenery area, and greenbelt area. The latter two cannot be touched as it has been designated as preservation areas. Thus, the school has to retain the areas for construction from the former two.
“The building of the new dormitory or University-Industry Cooperation Building would not have been possible if we applied for permission as we started our construction,” said Ryu Chang-su, a professor from the Department of Architecture. “It was only possible through a carefully thought-out planning in advance. We are doing the same thing for other future buildings and renovations as well.”
The department also clarified some errors spread to the public through daily newspapers. The former external activity area which is also available for the public has not been expanded, and would not be expanded without careful consideration and opinions of the school members. What the daily newspaper reported about the opening of the library to the public is the stances of other schools.
Controversy over the Helen Hall being demolished is in fact another misleading rumor. Although the hall has some historical value, it has been proved and accepted by the committee of facility installation that its need for renovation far exceeds those of historical preservation. Thus the school will renovate the interior structures and only preserve the front side of the building.
“It is necessary for the university to have certain areas of the school open to the public, which is why we have opened the Centennial Museum, Welch-Ryang Auditorium, and Physical Education Building to the public,” Ryu said. “Right now, nothing has been decided for any construction or renovation. We are just securing the areas of schools for future renovations and buildings as the standards of building facilities will become stricter.”
The only specific plan that has been decided by the school is the moving of Ewha-ALPS Children’s Center. As the final remark, Ryu expressed the hope for students not to misunderstand the school’s intentions as the daily newspapers have reported.
“The constructions of new buildings will be a long way into the future, after much discussion and debate with the rest of the school members,” Ryu said.

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