Twenty three universities collaborate to exchange credits
Twenty three universities collaborate to exchange credits
  • Lee Jae-lim
  • 승인 2016.02.29 11:28
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The school will be joining 23 universities of Seoul University President Forum including Sogang and Chung-Ang university in exchanging credits from the fall semester of 2016.
On the 4th forum, the university presidents decided to reach an agreement for the 23 schools to collaborate to share educational resources by exchanging credits, and ultimately enhance the quality of university education. Before this forum, students could only exchange credits with the designated universities, but now they can take classes from any of the 23 schools. With the execution of the credit exchange, students will be able to choose from at least 100,000 classes.
From the following fall semester, students can exchange six credits maximum per semester with other universities each semester, and half of the total credits they need for graduation.
“We have already been participating in credit exchanges with universities such as Yonsei, Korea, Sogang, and Seoul National University,” said Kim Ji-soo, the Deputy General Manger of the Academic Services. “However, we are going to take some time to accumulate and carefully consider the opinions of our school members such as those of students, professors, and associates. Even currently we are not exchanging credits on classes that the professors do not want. However, through the credit exchange, students will be able to listen to classes from other universities that were not open in Ewha, and to minimize our students’ inconvenience, we will start opening our classes to other schools starting from online lectures.”
Ewha has been offering its most popular classes online to students and the public. Starting 2016, the online lectures will also be accepted as credits to the students, vitalizing online lectures for students. Thus the school believes such lectures will be open to other schools as part of the credit exchange for the time being so that Ewha students’ inconvenience can be abbreviated to the maximum but also introduce the contents and services of Ewha classes to the school society.
Seoul National, Yonsei, Korea  and Sungkyunkwan University will not participate in this credit exchange program as they are not part of the forum.
“I am glad that we are now able to listen to various classes from different universities,” said Jung Yu-na from International Studies. “I am also expecting to experience what it is like to be in a co-educational school, but I’m concerned that this will lead to another controversy about the ranking of university levels.”

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