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South Korea: Country I would have never thought to live one day
2015년 11월 27일 (금) 13:23:54 Mia Ralijaona evoice@ewha.ac.kr
Mia Ralijaona
(Economics, 1)

It is amazing how some of the decisions we make in life are most of the time unexpected, at least, from what I have experienced. Coming from Madagascar, I never imagined that I would live and study in Seoul for my bachelor degree. I remember during my university application period, I was thinking about all the countries I could go and I did apply to quite a lot of universities, but none in South Korea. By the time all of my friends knew the university they were going, I was still unsure and undecided – mostly due to the fact that either it did not match my financial plans or it was not the one I wished for. So one month before my graduation, I started to become a bit anxious. I was graduating soon and I still did not know where I was going to study.
I was congratulating one of my friends who got into Ewha Womans University until that day. I remember telling her about how lucky she was and how stressed I was. That day she told me that the application period for Ewha was reopening again and – maybe if I wanted to – she suggested me to apply. It surprised me a bit because I did not consider that option at all, but in my mind I was immediately thinking: “Why not?” I thought, in my case, it would be a great experience as well as a challenging one since I have very little knowledge about Korea. I am interested in learning all kinds of culture because I love travelling.
At first, even though I started looking up for more information about Ewha, I was about to give up, not because I was not interested in either the country or the university, only because I was scared it would still not work for me. I did not know and still do not know what got me but I decided to apply in the last minute. Luckily, I managed to send everything by the application deadline. I was telling myself not to have any expectations at all.
On the 26th of June – I still remember the date – I received an e-mail that took away my anxiety. I had been accepted to Ewha. After spending time looking for the pros and cons, discussing with my relatives and trying to make the best decision for my future, I finally chose to accept the offer. Then there I was, ready and excited to go to this land which I have heard a lot but knew nothing about. 
So here I am today, going to Ewha, and still being unable to believe that I have been living in South Korea for approximately 3 months now. My close friends are still amazed how everything was settled in my life and how a last minute decision turned out to be the one I ended up choosing.
As time goes on, it seems more obvious to me that it was the right choice. I met really good people and I enjoy my routine at Ewha. I have not really experienced any “culture shock” or unpleasant moments yet, maybe because I have been living in Asia for more than two years and a half now. In addition, I love the food, the architecture, the language and  busy life in Seoul. It is definitely different from where I lived before but it is one of the reasons I like it.

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