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Ewha and Harvard University invite each other under EWHA-HCAP
2015년 11월 27일 (금) 13:01:51 Jang Min-jeong minjeongjang@ewhain.net
Ewha HCAP members gathered at the Office of International Affairs to discuss about the topics to present on at the first conference which will be held in Boston. Photo by Kim Kyung-min.

EWHA-Harvard College in Asia Program (HCAP) is a program where Ewha students hold academic conferences and cultural exchange with Harvard University students. This program was established by students in Harvard with the aim of training leaders in the fields of politics, economics and science with a deep understanding of the relationship between the United States and Asia. Ewha has continued to engage in HCAP since 2007, being the only partner in Korea to take part in this program and the oldest partner among seven other partners.
For this session, the first conference will be held in Boston on Jan. 16 to 24, 2016 with HCAP students from different countries. The main topic of the conference is “Equality, Tolerance and Freedom: The Effect of Culture and Policy in a Globalized World.” Each team will give a presentation on this topic and further discuss it in groups.
“This will be my first time going to the United States,” said Park Jung-hye, a freshman in Division of Communication & Media. “I want to participate actively in the discussions and interact with foreign students with an open mind.”
The second conference will be held on March 12 to 20, 2016, in which Harvard University students will be invited to attend lectures at Ewha. For the lectures, Ewha HCAP students will select lecturers from a variety of disciplines and affiliations.
This year, a total of 15 Ewha students were selected as HCAP members. Eight of the members will attend and visit Harvard for the conference held in Boston. In the conference organized in Seoul, all members will organize the program on their own, from the beginning to end, top to bottom.  
For the cultural exchange, Ewha HCAP members will host a tour around Korea. Also, Ewha HCAP members not only plan to show tourist attractions in Seoul but also prepare cultural experiences that are closer to Koreans’ daily lives. Last year, students had a chance to eat chicken with beer at Han River, visit Hongdae, and attend Korean music program broadcastings. In addition, the tour may be open in the upcoming program to all Ewha students.
“We are positive about Ewha students joining the HCAP activities together like last year,” said Kim Ji-won, a sophomore majoring in the Division of Communication & Media. “I also hope that Harvard students enjoy visiting many places other than the usual tourist sites in Korea.”
The Homecoming day, one of HCAP events, will soon be held at the Ewha Campus Complex (ECC) Theater on Dec. 22. The event is to make closer connection between former and current Ewha HCAP members. This event started last year to keep HCAP as a continuous program where members can meet each other regardless of one’s term. In the event, former members share their experiences and know-hows with current members while having meals together.

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