Central Library undergoes changes in policies and website
Central Library undergoes changes in policies and website
  • Son Young-chai
  • 승인 2015.11.27 12:53
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The library has introduced several new policies concerning the Reading Rooms, late fees and the usage of the Rare Book Collections in the midst of this semester. It has also collected student opinions to improve its website for the upcoming year.
The Reading Room in the library has been confirmed to open 24 hours per day. In September, the library test operated a flexible time schedule for the Reading Rooms based on the statistics of library users. However, to ensure an optimal studying environment, the library has decided to maintain the 24 hour operation.
Regarding the late fees, the library abolished the charge limit of 30,000 won for long term overdue books. Now, students have to pay 100 won per day without maximum charge.
For the Rare Books Collection, various measures took place to minimize the damage of the original materials and increase usage of the copied and digitalized versions.
First, the library no longer allows direct student access to books categorized as old or rare books. Under the changed policy, students will only be granted the microforms or digitalized versions. Other books such as textbooks and ttakji editions, early Korean novels printed from woodblocks, in the Collection will be available first hand just as before.
Additionally, to use old or rare books, students will now have to apply via e-mail to the library with a pre-request form one week in advance. Only after receiving a confirmation from the library may the students access the book. After usage, students will be required to fill out a consent form as well.
Lastly, now students can print all microforms in the Audio Visual Room. Otherwise, digital copies may be printed directly after use. For books only available in the original copy, the library plans to provide a digitalized version if requested.
So far, students have been quite positive towards the changes.
“I am glad about the school’s efforts to better the library,” said Kim Eun-jin of the Division of Liberal Arts.
However, she did have some additional thoughts concerning the library’s website, especially about the homepage’s categorization.
“I especially had difficulty trying to find and operate online e-book platform ‘Wooriebook,’ ” Kim said.
In response to such complaints, the library has set out to improve its website. Several students were recently recruited to help with a card sorting session, as well as giving comments on current homepage. The library will use the information to reorganize the website and possibly change the names of the menus for more efficient searching.

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