Link-enterprise for universities to regenerate Sinchon
Link-enterprise for universities to regenerate Sinchon
  • Lee Jae-lim
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Seodaemun-gu Office held a contest, which ended on Sept. 9, to nominate nine majors for a link-enterprise of universities located in the Sinchon area. Sinchon-dong was nominated as one of the city-regenerating demonstration enterprises last December by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. To regenerate Sinchon, the District Office is planning to highlight businesses that support different majors to have classes for the semester under the theme of “Creating a robust Sinchon with the youths” until 2018.
Seodaemun-gu is trying to regenerate the Sinchon area because although the region is a midpoint for many universities, there has not been enough interaction among the students. Thus, the business goal is to unite students in Sinchon and recreate a sense of intimacy in the area.
Through a class link program between schools in Sinchon, the students participating in classes studied how communication methods can be applied in Sinchon through a city regeneration process. Moreover, the students visited and researched many parts of Sinchon and held a presentation at the end of the semester to discuss what they have learned. In the first semester, the chosen majors for the business were Political Science & International Relations, Division of Media Studies, and Urban Engineering from Yonsei University. The subjects offered included Introduction to the Village, Communication Technology and Community, and Community Demonstration Planning & Designing.
For instance, in the “Introduction to the Village,” the class carried out a project called “Delicious Sinchon.” It was a social dining project where the students focused on improving the lack of interaction between communities. Also, profits earned from the projects were donated to those in need, teaching students about social market economy and life politics.
The link enterprise will continue with classes that will be accepted for credits in the fall semester. The activities will be similar to those done before, with a maximum financial aid of 3 million won per major.
“The business has expanded so much compared to the first semester,” said Lee Eun-ju, an official of the Region Revival team of Seodaemun-gu Office. “During the spring semester, Seodaemun-gu did not support many of the projects carried out in the classes. However, we will now choose nine majors and enthusiastically aid the class projects, such as funding them 3 million won for each major because we found much potential in the students’ ideas.”
The majors chosen for the enterprise will be announced in early October and  classes will start according to the contents each major has suggested.

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