Department of Content Convergence newly introduced in 2016
Department of Content Convergence newly introduced in 2016
  • Lim Ye-ju
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Ewha has newly established the Department of Content Convergence (DCC) as a part of the College of Science & Industry Convergence, and plans to select 32 students for this major in 2016.
The aim of the DCC is to train students to become professionals in the field of digital technology and information, which are increasingly expanding in response to public and industrial demands.
“We believe that there is a lot of room for improvement in the ICT (Information & Communication Technology) field when converged with other subjects like humanities,” said Kim Dae-in, Associate Vice President for University Planning and Coordination. “So we decided to establish this new major in undergraduate school to provide education specially fitted for this social trend.”
The DCC offers diverse courses as it tries to break down barriers between different fields of study. These courses range from design research methods to mobile programming. Students not only learn subjects related to information technology, but are also exposed to other fields such as science and design. This would allow them to apply knowledge from different fields to high technology, thus coming up with creative contents.
To guide the students, eight professors from different fields were selected to teach in the DCC, including professor Lyou Chul-gyun, president of Division of Digital Media (DDM). Also, students of the DCC will be able to use specially designed laboratories. The Creative Computing Lab, X Lab and others will all be available for projects and workshops.
“More than 85 percent of students graduating from the DDM, the graduate school baseline for the DCC, are getting employed, enhancing Ewha’s status in Korea,” Kim said. “Likewise, we expect students of the DCC to enhance our stance once more by providing a model of convergent learning.”
Students overall are looking forward to the new establishment.
“I think the new major could help our school increase students’ employment rate,” said Cho Yu-ri, a freshman of the Division of International Studies. “What students learn is easily applicable in real-life, which fits what most businesses want from their employees.”
The school plans to recruit new students in the coming year.
“There is a growing demand all around the world for people with knowledge in various fields, and the DCC provides great education to fill this demand,” Kim said. “So, I hope that enthusiastic students who want to lead the world with creative and innovative ideas join us.”

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