Delivery service on campus suits students’ needs
Delivery service on campus suits students’ needs
  • Lee Ha-kyung
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Ordering chicken, pizza or Chinese food and other take-out foods to share with friends on campus is a delightful memory of college life. To enhance the convenience of delivery food, some university students have developed their own creative way of ordering delivery food on campus. Don’t Skip Your Meal of Sogang University and Campus Dal of Seoul National University (SNU) are offering convenient and prosocial delivery services to students on campus.
In the beginning of this year’s spring semester, three students of Sogang University has launched a meal delivery service during break time called “Don’t Skip Your Meal.” The service provides lunch delivery service for students who do not have enough time to grab lunch at break time between classes.
Don’t Skip Your Meal began when Mike Kim, a senior majoring in Economics at Sogang, came up with an idea. He was concerned with finding a way to earn money and help society at the same time. Since many students who have consecutive classes skip meals, he thought of a lunch delivery service.
The service began with three students who received orders and delivered meals on motorcycles. When a student adds the Kakaotalk account of Don’t Skip Your Meal as a friend, the account will automatically send a link to the menu page on the google survey. Students can choose their choice of menu, such as rice burger or sandwich which do not provide a delivery service. Payment can be easily done through Kakao Wallet or account transfer. Then the members of Don’t Skip Your Meal will purchase the ordered menu and  deliver it to the receiver on their way to their next class, by only receiving a commission of 500 won.
The service had made a total of 167 deliveries since March till May this year. To many students’ dismay, the service will be temporarily closed until it meets a new manager. Kim and other students who were carrying out the service will be taking  time off for a while to study and work.
“When the service reopens, the original members may not be delivering lunch,” Kim said. “Although I am not capable of conducting the service myself, I welcome any other Sogang students who would like to carry on the service.”
Meanwhile, three students of SNU developed a conscientious delivery application to be used around campus called the Campus Dal. The outset of the application was a simpler version called Sha Dal, which had phone numbers and menus of popular delivery restaurants around the SNU campus on the application since the university banned leaflets of restaurants on campus in 2013. At first, they picked up restaurant flyers on campus roads and copied down menu and phone numbers on a spreadsheet.

“When flyers were banned on campus in 2013, the Web site where students shared information about delivery food closed for renovation,” said Choi Suk-won, a junior who developed the application. “We felt the need to develop a substitute to provide menu and the phone numbers of restaurants that are capable of delivery service in campus.”
Realizing the need for a conscientious and useful delivery information service in other universities as well, Sha Dal evolved into Campus Dal this February. Thirteen university campuses are included in the application now. Campus Dal team is open to any university student unions who wish to have their students to benefit from this platform. 
The most important characteristic of Campus Dal is that they do not receive any commission from the restaurants. It is different from the commercial delivery applications that do receive commission from restaurants that want to be included in the application.
“We may require some operating expenses in the future in order to bulk up Campus Dal,” Choi said. “Even if the system finds a way to create profits somehow, I can assure you that it will not receive commission from micro-enterprises. Popular restaurants do not care about being registered on applications since they already have enough customers. The goal of Campus Dal is to be a trustworthy application that recommends high quality delivery capable restaurants to students .”
As two of the three founding members of Campus Dal began their military service, over ten other students have passed through to help manage the application with Choi.
What the founders of the two convenient delivery services had in common was the effort to accommodate students on campus without considering their personal profits.
“Creating and managing an application was a priceless experience,” Choi said. “We began this for fun and we look forward to spread this positive energy throughout campus with this application.”

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