Ewha celebrates its 129th anniversary
Ewha celebrates its 129th anniversary
  • Yoon Jung-in
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Ewha held its 129th year anniversary ceremony at the Welch-Ryang Auditorium on May 29.
The anniversary ceremony began with President Choi Kyung-hee's speech commemorating Ewha's historic beginning and continuing progress. Following the president’s address, Chairperson Chang Myung-sue conferred the Lifetime Service Awards to 32 faculties who worked at Ewha for the past 30 years. President Choi also bestowed awards to 146 faculties who have worked for more than 10 years. For the Ewha Academic Achievement Award, professor Jung Jae-seo of Chinese Language & Literature and professor Kim Kwang-ok of Food Science & Engineering were awarded. Professor Jung was awarded for his distinct academic contributions. He is a mythologist and literary critique who is known for founding the terms “The Third Oriental Studies” and “East Asian Creativity.” Professor Kim, the first femal scientist to introduce Sensory Studies to Korea and who is currently working at the Journal of Sensory Studies and Food Quality and Preference as an edition staff, was also awarded for her contribution in this specific field.  
There were also diverse events held to commemorate the anniversary, including the Special Chapel, the 4th Ewha Family Children’s Drawing Competition, and the 129th Anniversary Praise & Worship Festival. The Special Chapel, which was held from May 26 to 28, included a traditional Korean music and dance performance. At the 4th Ewha Family Children’s Drawing Competition held on May 16, daughters and granddaughters of alumni participated and drew pictures under the theme of the month May. Also, as a Christian school, Ewha held the 129th Anniversary Praise & Worship Festival on May 19.
“Always challenging social and cultural limitations and prejudice, our graduates have acclaimed numerous titles as the ‘first’ and ‘best’ women in various fields,” President Choi said.
 “Our history is remarkable as it continues to move forward. We should never forget all the efforts and contributions that our teachers and students have made in making Ewha as one of the most impressive and exciting academic communities  in modern Korea.”

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