New pedestrian crossing and sidewalks built on campus
New pedestrian crossing and sidewalks built on campus
  • Son Young-chai
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A new sidewalk made way infront of the Pharmaceutical Science Building to increase students’ safety and convenience. Photo by Ewha Voice.
The school has completed a month-long construction of three new sidewalks and raised the pedestrian crossing on the first week of June. The sidewalks were built alongside the existing roads in order to separate pedestrians from vehicles, thus providing a safer campus environment.
The locations of the three sidewalks include: one in front of the statue of former president Helen Kim, one connecting the Pharmaceutical Science Building A (PHM-A) to the Ewha-POSCO Building, and one stretching from the Ewha Campus Complex (ECC) to the rear entrance of the Student Union then to the Ewha-POSCO Building.
A raised pedestrian crossing connecting the four-way intersection of the ECC and the PHM-A has also been constructed. Painted in red and elevated about 15 cm above the ground, the pedestrian crossing will serve to alert drivers to reduce the speed of the vehicles.
Although the purpose of the construction is positive, students complained about the excessive dust coming from the construction site.
“The dust caused by the construction was quite intolerable,” said Kim Da-eun, a freshman of Human Movement Studies.
She pointed out that most students walking past the area had covered their mouths with their hands or tried desperately to fan the dust away from their faces.
Kang Sung-gi, an official from the Facilities Maintenance expressed his regrets for not having informed the students earlier.
“Generally we execute hundreds of construction work each year,” Kang said. “Therefore, we only officially notify students when the use of certain buildings or facilities is prohibited. As the person in charge, I apologize for not having notified the students beforehand.”
However, all in all Kim remarked that she was glad the school built the additional sidewalks.
“Previously, students had to walk on the same road as the vehicles,” she noted. “I always had to watch my back because cars were constantly coming from both directions.”
Currently, the finishing touches on the road work have been completed, and the new roads are in use.
“I thank everyone for bearing the inconveniences,” Kang said. “We will make sure that the road work will be of the best in quality.”

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