The school’s notification for make-up class for May 29 is causing confusion among students
The school’s notification for make-up class for May 29 is causing confusion among students
  • Lim Ye-ju
  • 승인 2015.05.27 18:20
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The article regarding sudden notification for make-up classes on volume 61 issue 6 was misprinted, containing wrong information. The following article is a revised version with the correct information. I apologize for any inconvenience and misinformation caused. Originally, May 31 is the date of Ewha’s 129th anniversary. But since May 31 is a Sunday, the school has chosen to designate the official holiday as May 29 and have a commemoration ceremony on that date. However, the school has announced that any classes cancelled on the anniversary day have to be separately made up some time in the future or on that date itself. This is because for every credit, students need to take 15 hours of class. Since missing the classes on May 29 will lead to not fulfilling 15 hours, the school suggested students take a make-up class of whichever form the students and professors would like. Due to the fact that the notification is unfamiliar and sudden to both students and professors, students are experiencing confusion and voicing complaints.Although it is stated that the form of make-up classes can be altered according to the professors and students' needs and wants, the most common form found is simply having the class according to the normal schedule.In the case of large classes where there are up to around 100 students, it is impossible to find a date that fits every student’s schedule. Thus, these classes will have regular class on May 29, making students and faculty come to school on the official holiday. Even many of the smaller classes, where adjusting everyone’s schedules seems easier, end up deciding to have class on the date of the anniversary ceremony.“I have all my classes on May 29, just like a normal day,” said Shin Hi-eun, a freshman majoring in International Studies. “I know this is not only the case for me, but also for many other students. It confuses me why the day is called an official holiday if most students have to attend classes anyway.”However, choosing to follow the normal class schedule on the official holiday is not the end of the inconvenience. Although professors are granted the right to use the same rooms they normally lecture in, the rooms will be locked since the classes are officially marked down as not to be held on May 29. Therefore, professors need to notify the school separately that they will be using the room to have the room unlocked.While the process for notifying the school regarding classrooms can normally be done through EUREKA portal, such a system does not work during the holidays. Thus, in order to notify the school for room usage on May 29, professors have to visit administrative offices in person to submit application forms, which is time-consuming and inconvenient for professors. The school acknowledges complaints and is trying to prevent it from happening again. “We are trying our best to plan our future lecture schedules so that students will be able to take 15 hours of class time without having to have make-up classes,” a member of Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs said.

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