Ewha Pavilion under construction
Ewha Pavilion under construction
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Students voice concern and complaint
Ewha Pavilion is under the process of construction, raising skeptical opinion from students. Photo by Chung Yun-jo.
Ewha Pavilion, a provisional name for the new building that is located between the Ewha Campus Complex (ECC) and the Ewha Womans University Museum, is planned to finish its construction by the beginning of June, admist student controversy.
The building consists of a café and a souvenir shop, but its main purpose proposed by the school is to become a resting place for students. The café will be installed with an adjustable glass wall system suitable for seasonal changes. The souvenir shop will also function as an information desk for visitors.
The Ewha Pavilion will be a one-story building with a total area of 243 m2. The building is constructed with bamboo columns that support the iron plate on the roof.
The school decided to build the Ewha Pavilion to improve its use of outdoor campus space.
“I hope it serves as a good place for students to relax and meet friends,” said Ryu Chang-su, the director of Office of Financial Affairs.
Some students are also welcoming the newest addition to Ewha campus.
“I believe that the Ewha Pavilion is going to provide a convenient meeting place for students,” said Shin Joo-hee, a freshman of Division of Communication & Media. “I felt that there are only a few cafés in the ECC and not enough space for students. But the Ewha Pavilion seems like it will be an answer to such problems.”
However, according to a survey conducted by Ewha’s 47th Student Government Association from May 14 to 17, it was found that about 80 percent of students had skeptical opinions toward the construction of the Ewha Pavilion. The prevalent opinion was that the school is building it mainly for the convenience of foreign tourists, not students.
“As the number of foreign tourists who visit our school is constantly increasing, I am afraid that tourists may take up most of the space,” said Kim Han-ul, a freshman of College of Social Sciences.
Despite this concern, there will be no restriction on tourists from entering the new building.
“I do not think there will be any serious problems,” Ryu said. “Tourists usually spend most of their time taking pictures at the school’s front gate and the ECC. Even if they do come into the Ewha Pavilion, they may not be able to stay for a long time due to their busy tour schedule. ”

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