♦ 2015 International Co-ed Summer College: Session I ♦
♦ 2015 International Co-ed Summer College: Session I ♦
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June 23 (Tue) – July 22 (Wed)Session I is a month-long program designed for globally minded students who desire to pursue both academic and cultural endeavors. Academically, Ewha’s summer program is renowned for its dedicated and experienced professors, not to mention a broad array of courses that provide students with effective learning opportunities in many disciplines. During the program students take exciting hands-on field trips in and out of Seoul that allow them glimpses into the tradition and everyday life of Korea.1. Academic Schedule (for international students) • Application Deadline (course registration included): May 13 (Wed) • Fee Payment Deadline: May 13 (Wed) • Official Dorm Check-In: June 22 (Mon) • Welcoming Ceremony & Orientation: June 23 (Tue) • Course Commencement: June 24 (Wed) • Farewell Ceremony: July 22 (Wed) • Official Dorm Check-Out: July 23 (Thu)2. Details of Program1) Timetable: Choose one AM and one PM courses. Day Track TimeMonday - Thursday Courses in AM 09:00 - 11:30 Courses in PM 12:30 - 15:00 Korean Courses 14:00 - 17:00Friday Field Trips & Cultural Excursions2) Field Trips:Korean Folk Village / “DMZ” Tour / Everland / the House of Sharing (Shelter for Former War Sex Slaves) / B-boy Performance / Kimchi World and more3. Application (international students): Submit online application at http://summer.ewha.ac.kr/4. Application (Ewha students): Apply for the summer semester courses at http://sugang.ewha.ac.kr during the registration period, from May 26 to 28.5. Accommodation: http://housing.ewha.ac.kr/The international students will be assigned to either iHouse or GSD by the order of registration for the program. For more information, please send an e-mail to gosummer@ewha.ac.kr or call (02) 3277-3160.[List of Courses]Category CourseKorean Studies Contemporary Korean and Korean American Fiction Contemporary Korean Cinema History of Korean Tradition and Folk Culture Introduction to History of the Oriental Arts Korean Language in Contemporary Pop Culture Living World Religions in Seoul Modern History of Korea Politics in Korea and East AsiaNorth Korean Studies North Korean Studies on Society & Culture International Relations of North Korea with East Asian CountriesWomen’s Studies Gender Relations in Korea Same-Sex Desire in East Asian Film and Literature Women’s History of KoreaSocial Sciences Advertising & Society: Controversial Issues in Advertising Consumer Decision-Making Cross-cultural Psychology Film & Society Introduction to International Relations Popular Culture and Society Social Problems in Contemporary Global World What is Politics?Business & Economy Principles of Accounting Information International Trade Financial Management Macroeconomics Microeconomics Marketing Management Global Economic IssuesMusic, Art & Design(Studio-type) Korean Ceramics Traditional Korean Music Traditional Korean Painting

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