MCM marketer’s unseen ordeal behind trendsetting
MCM marketer’s unseen ordeal behind trendsetting
  • Lee Ha-kyung
  • 승인 2015.05.11 09:57
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“Girls working in the fashion industry tend to look younger than they really are,” said Paik Yeon-ju. The two energetic marketers of MCM are perfect examples of beautiful and professional career women. The interview took place in the head office of MCM in Cheongdam-dong, the center of fashion trends in Korea. The work at the company is more challenging nowadays as MCM launched its bionic series collection this April. Working as professional marketers at MCM, Ryu and Paik would not say “no” to working overtime. In fact, they are thrilled to be part of creating a new trend in the fashion industry. Ryu Ji-yeon, the director of MCM’s Korea marketing spoke of her work and balancing between career and family. Paik Yeon-ju, the manager of MCM’s Korea marketing, spoke of her everyday leisurely life associated with discovering trends. “Balancing work and personal life has always been a tough task for me,” Ryu said. “It is impossible for anyone to simultaneously be a good mother and a professional employee. Instead of struggling between my roles, I focus on my work throughout the week while trying to do my best as a devoted wife and a mother on my days off from work.” Ryu considers her family life as a place for rest and gathering strengths. Meanwhile, Paik had her own way of recharging her batteries: enjoying cultural and leisure activities with her friends and new acquaintances. She pointed out how the entertainment she engages in are related to her job of finding new trends all the time. “We have to bring out the daily trends in our lives in order to keep up with what is going on in this industry,” Paik commented. “I try to go to good exhibitions or cultural events as much as possible because they provide plentiful sources of inspiration at work.”

When asked whether their own lives were abundant with fancy accessories and designer shoes, they first explained the basic brand image of MCM. The company focuses on how a product has practical and high value in itself. Hence, it does not require one to wrap oneself in expensive goods to be fashionable. “Being able to mix-and-match luxury goods with our items is what makes us light up,” Ryu said. “Understanding what it means to be luxurious is crucial in order to best meet the customers’ demands.” Ryu and Paik suggested that Ewha students who want to work in the fashion industry should get as much experience as possible and make those experiences serve as nutrition for growth. Developing one’s own style and attitude cannot be done in a single day. Small and big experiences build up to the foundation of success. “Personally, I chose a role model and tried to follow along her footsteps for success,” Paik said. “Sheryl Sendberg, the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook once said her life is like a jungle gym: her life is entangled of different experiences, and her career ends up combining all her experiences together to create herself as a unified figure. I took her advice and am still looking forward to experiencing many different things, without any limitations.”

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