Damaged asphalt roads put safety under threat
Damaged asphalt roads put safety under threat
  • Yoon Jung-in
  • 승인 2015.04.09 22:29
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Damaged roads near Hak-gwan have gotten worse due to heavy dump trucks for construction. Photo by Kim Kyung-min.
Asphalt roads in the school have been in a bad condition for a long time. Not only do these damaged roads mar the scenic vista of the school, but more importantly, these roads pose threat to road safety on campus.
Regarding this situation, Facilities Maintenance team is conducting a thorough monitoring system and repairment project in order to improve conditions of roads.
“The road is so bumpy,” said Han Ji-su, a freshman of College of Liberal Arts. “One day, when I was walking down the road, I almost sprained my ankle.”
The worn out and split asphalt roads are especially conspicuous at the road in front of Law Building; the outer surfaces are peeled off to reveal cracks and dents.
“Road renovation is conducted according to our careful assessment,” said Kang Seong-gi, a personnel from Facilities Maintenance team. “We first find which are severely damaged and then make plans based on such observation. Then, we pave and make up for those specific places.”
Two years ago, the team paved the road in front of Ewha Central Library, which leads up to the Music Building. Last year, they repaired the road in front of Emerson Chapel.
The school also frequently monitors the condition of asphalt roads at least two to three times per week. Upon detecting irregularities and damages, the Facilities Maintenance team immediately notifies to a local road repair contractor.
“Asphalt roads which were built several years ago are already quite decrepit,” Kang said. “To make matters even worse, the increasing traffic of heavy-duty vehicles on campus due to the construction of new dormitory is the main cause of rapid deterioration of campus roads.
“Electric wire work at the three-way intersection in front of Hanwoori Hall which is necessary in building a new dormitory is irrelevant to damages in asphalt roads. Electric wires are buried at site other than roads.”
Even though the school is putting much effort by monitoring and checking the condition of roads, the focus of repairment is weighed more on spots that are damaged due to the construction of the new dormitory building. So the remaining parts of asphalt roads are left untreated and thus much of the roads inside the school are still worn out and damaged. Places such as the road connecting International Education Building and Human Ecology Building, road between Welch-Ryang Auditorium and Human Ecology Building and the three-way intersection in front of Ewha-POSCO Building need close attention.
“We should not learn safety through accidents,” said Yoon Jeong-won, a freshman of English Language & Literature. “Before any students get seriously injured due to obsolete asphalt roads, this problem should be resolved.”

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