Working Student: earning more than just money
Working Student: earning more than just money
  • Lee Yoon-soo
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Choi Eun-bi, a working student at Ewha, is arranging the bookshelf at the school library. Photo by Chung Yun-jo.
Having spent three years as a university student, Choi Eun-bi has a bittersweet memory from her part-time job experience.
The primary reason for working was her lifelong dream of going to Europe. The hit television program “Non-Summit Meeting” spurred her desire to explore the overseas culture. Her current part-time job at the school library is a step forward in fulfilling her dreams.
Last year, she worked at a branch of the country’s largest food manufacturer, earning an hourly fee below the minimum wage. Choi could not complain about the wage as her co-workers had already implicitly agreed on the payment.
Tired of the poor treatment she received from the employer, Choi decided to quit the job and look for a part-time job at Ewha. She got advice from her friends who had experienced working at the school.
“What attracted me was that I could adjust the schedule flexibly,” Choi said. “More importantly, the payment was higher than the minimum wage.”
The junior majoring in Nutritional Science & Food Management does not have to worry about working during the exam period.
“As there is relatively more free time during March, I can work longer hours before the mid-term exams start,” Choi said.
Besides the flexibility of the working condition, Choi is able to gain positive effect the job has on her academic performance.
“During the past semesters, I did not frequently visit the library,” she recalled. “However, working at a library reference room helped me to learn how the library system works. I learned how to spend valuable time at the library.”
Choi learned that designated books, which cannot be borrowed but only can be copied in the library, are kept in the reference room. Knowing that, she copied several reading materials designated by her professors. She also cherishes the kind and warm atmosphere.
“Unlike the previous job she had, co-workers of the library are patient and gentle with me when I make mistakes,” Choi said.
However, Choi thinks that the training system for part-time students needs revision. She once worked late in the evening after all the other employees had left for the day. Her colleagues did not leave her any note with an instruction so she did not know what to do.
Even though such minor problems exist, Choi is overall satisfied with her new job. She also appreciates her friendship with her fellow workers. When she goes to the library to borrow or photocopy a book, her co-workers and security guards greet her as a colleague, and not as one of the many Ewha students.
“I recommend the experience to other Ewha students for there are many advantages one can gain by getting a campus job,” Choi said.

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