New and joint majors available for minor & double majors
New and joint majors available for minor & double majors
  • Lee Jae-lim
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With two new joint majors and four new majors, students will have a wider spectrum of studies in which to minor or double major in.
However, there will also be changes regarding the abolished majors, in which students are showing opposing views regarding this issue. 
The two new joint majors are Public Leadership & Justice and International Development Cooperation. The four new majors are Division of Communication & Media, Division of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, Brain & Cognitive Sciences and Korean Studies. 
The new joint majors will recruit students from this semester. Students who were admitted to school before 2014 can also participate.
The four new majors will start receiving applicants for minor and double majors from 2016, with the exception of the Division of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, which will recruit students from 2017.
The Division of Communication & Media will accept students who apply for a double major with the conditions that they have completed the required course of Communication & Society with a grade above B- and have had an interview with a professor.
In order to double major in Brain & Cognitive Sciences, students should have a total GPA above 3.0 and finish all three required courses including "The Basics of Cognitive & Brain Science" before they apply.
For the other majors, there are no conditions for the minor or double major. Students admitted before 2014 can minor or double major in the Division of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science and Korean Studies but not for the other two majors.
On the other hand, there will be a limit on the applications for minor and double majors for the abolished majors in the Division of Media Studies,Journalism, Television & Film and Advertising & Public Relations. Students who are admitted after 2015 cannot apply for the minor or double major in the three majors. The majors will close the application  2017 fall semester.
The majors that will be abolished have already been announced by the university. However, some students are unhappy with the decision.
“I think that revocation of the Division of Media Studies is only accelerating the university's shift in focus to a market-oriented perspective,” said Song Min-jin, a sophomore of International Studies who double majors in Media Studies. “The revocation of the division only means that the school is limiting boundaries of knowledge students can learn.”
The decision has already been finalized by the university, and the school is  notifying students of the new changes.
“We are doing our best to make sure that all students are notifiedof the changes.” said Chung Youn-hwa, the manager from the Registrar.

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