School installs new emergency bells for better safety
School installs new emergency bells for better safety
  • Lee Ha-kyung
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Ten emergency bells were newly installed on campus. Photo by Ewha Voice.
Ten additional emergency bells were installed in March for students' safety.
The emergency bells were placed in 10 different places for a test operation. Students can find emergency bells close to the gate of Education Building A, the corner of Hak-gwan, in between the Music Building and Library, between the new and former Law Building, behind the Law Building, the gate of Science Building Hyundai Motor, in front of the Asan Engineering Building, in front of the Student Union and also in between the museum and the International Education Building.
The locations of the bells were installed were chosen in consideration of the overall management of campus safety.
The emergency bells can be easily activated in case of emergency. By simply pressing the call button on the bell, students can immediately communicate with security officers at the Safety Supervision Center (SSC). At the same time, the SSC's central control system activates a real-time video installed at the site from which the call is placed, and quickly send the image to the security officers. In order to offer more help to callers, campus police are on standby, ready to arrive immediately at the scene upon request.
“We expect the newly installed emergency bells to strengthen campus safety at night,” said Chang Ji-hyun, an official from General Affairs. “The school aims to show strong will on managing safety and further expects to alert students of any danger.”
After sunset, the warning light lamp on top of the emergency bell flickers to arouse people’s attention of campus safety. The time of lighting goes along with the streetlights on campus, which turn on at 7 p.m. and go off at 6:10 a.m. for now. The lighting hours change according to seasonal sunrise and sunset.
“Students will feel more relieved to see how the school is trying to make the campus a safer place,” said Lee So-young, a senior majoring in Korean.
The change is part of a campus safety management system action plan by the Office of General Affairs. The action plan includes building a total safety management system, safety training for all school members, improving facilities and roads to secure safety of all pedestrians and eliminate blind spots of safety. The office is carrying out  these plans step by step.

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