School library makes changes to increase convenience
School library makes changes to increase convenience
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The school library has altered its policies and systems regarding opening hours, borrowing and returning books, and seat reservations in the reading rooms.
Starting from 2015 spring semester, opening hours for the stacks in the Centennial Library have been extended by one hour, from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., to increase the time students can access the books they need. Previously, the stacks for the Centennial Library were only available between 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. during the semester.
In addition, the system for issuing seats in the reading rooms and PC room of the Centennial Library has  changed. On account of students’ lower use of the reading room in the Law library, the library has newly included its reading room section in the seat allocation machine. However, unlike other reading rooms, the seats in the Law library can only be issued by the seat allocation machine, and not by the mobile application. Also, the use of seats in the PC room can be extended once so that students can use the area for a longer period.
Such changes have been made to match students’ demands, following the survey conducted by the library in November 2014. The major request from many students was the extension of the stacks’ opening hours and expansion of the capacity in the reading rooms and PC room. In response, the library employed various policies to promote the convenience of the users.
Another change the library has brought is the added convenience facilities in returning books that are in reservation. At its west entrance, the library has installed an automatic book dropbox to enable returning reserved books even after the library has closed. Previously, students could only return reserved books manually to the return desk during library hours. Such method had been  preferred for the reason that reserved books must be kept separately from other books for those who have made reservations.
“It is much better now that we do not have to match the time of the opening hours,” Kim Joo-hee (Political Science, 2) said. “Now, even after the library has closed, we can return books regardless of whether the books have been reserved or not.”
In addition, the library has also introduced new policies to deal with its chronic problems including unreturned overdue book.
Students who have not returned books over 60 days will not be able to enter the library. Moreover, references attached to books are now imposed of separate late fees, 100 won per day. Furthermore, in case of course reserved books, which are only available inside the library or through loans over-night, a late fee will be charged of 500 won per day.
Regarding course reserves, a recall system has been established where course reserved books which are at loan will have to be returned in a week after a notification is sent to their borrowers.
Apart from systematic changes, the library has also refurbished the 2nd floor hall of the Centennial Library. A special section arranging new arrivals and a collection of books written by the Ewha faculties is newly installed. The books in the special section can be used freely throughout the area but cannot be borrowed. Students who wish to loan the books will have to find the same books in the stacks.
“Through the survey, we found out that many students wanted to freely browse around in the library,” said Kim Sun-mi, the Deputy General Manager of the library. “In attempt to help students satisfy their demands, we made a corner for the Ewha Collection.”

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