By-election to be held
By-election to be held
  • Huh Ryun-jung
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By-election for the 47th Student Government Association (SGA) president will be held from March 24 to 25. The by-election will take place as the winner of the 47th SGA election Park Yu-jin (Composition, 2) was dismissed from the university in January due to repeated academic probation. The Ewha Central By-election Commission for the 47th SGA will manage the overall election process.
Currently, Son Sol (Psychology, 3) of Be Ewha is the sole candidate running for the 47th SGA presidential election, which will lead to a pro-con voting. Unless 50 percent or more of the voters disapprove of Son, she will be elected.
Son and vice-presidential candidate Kim Se-young (Philosophy, 4) hope to discuss college restructuring with the school and lower tuition.
“We will ask the school to reconsider college restruction and creation of colleges,” they said.
The election campaign will be held after chapel from March 16 to 20. Public campaigns will also take place on March 18 and 23 in front of the Centennial Museum, where the party will give a speech on its pledges.
In addition to the campaign, an administrative hearing will be held on March 19. Students will be able to ask questions to the candidate during the event.
As for the SGA’s electoral regulations, little has been changed in comparison to the last election. In fact, the rules established by the commission still diverge from the school regulation which allows only students with a GPA of 2.0 or higher to register for student government candidacy.
“We had considered setting a grade restriction,” said Woo Ji-su (Physics, 3), the head of the Ewha Central By-election Commission. “However, we decided that it is wrong to judge one’s future by her grade.”
Meanwhile, the election results will be announced on March 26 once the ballot counting is finished. However, re-election will occur if less than 50 percent of electorates cast their ballot.

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