Message board greets students at Main Gate
Message board greets students at Main Gate
  • Yang Hae-in
  • 승인 2015.02.26 13:34
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The new board reads "The world asked Ewha, and Ewha answered you." Photo provided by Communications.
On Jan. 13, 2015, the school installed a huge banner called “Ewha Message Board” (Ewha Geulpan) at the Main Gate to promote Ewha’s brand value and raise self-esteem of students and faculty members.
Including both a matching catchphrase and design, the newly set up Ewha Message Board reflects Ewha students’ ideas. In October 2014, students went through a discussion on an online community for Ewha students, and agreed on making a catchphrase to promote Ewha. As a result of a poll, the phrase “The world asked Ewha, and Ewha answered you” suggested by Kim Yunie (Economics, 2) was selected.
“The reason I did not specify what the world asked is because I did not want to limit the values Ewha has,” Kim said. “As for the answer, it means that Ewha has pride and affection for its students.”
Along with the selected phrase, Roh Hyun-ji’s (Life Sciences, 4) calligraphy design was used to complete the banner.
“When I first suggested the phrase to the school, I never thought my idea would be accepted since I am merely a student,” Kim said. “However, I was surprised and very thankful that my idea was reflected.”
The huge banner, which is 6 meters long and 3.6 meters wide, hangs next to the wall of pear blossoms. The catchphrase and the design are not only displayed at the Main Gate, but also printed on clear file folders and presented to campus tour participants as souvenirs. The school is expecting positive promotional effects through changing the phrase and design of Ewha Message Board quarterly. The school plans to post meaningful messages related to Ewha from students, faculty members, the president.
“By installing the Ewha Message Board, the school hopes for students to take pride in Ewha, faculty members to communicate with each other better, and make an opportunity to advertise Ewha as a brand,” said an official of Communications who wishes to remain anonymous.
Regarding the new board, students are showing positive responses.
“It is meaningful that the students contributed to creating Ewha Message Board themselves,” Lee Hwa-kyung (History, 2) said. “By looking at the banner, students can self-examine their attitudes as Ewha students and take pride in it.”

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