Ewha Voice marks 60th anniversary on Homecoming Day
Ewha Voice marks 60th anniversary on Homecoming Day
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The Ewha Voice has grown alongside with Ewha since 1954 as the medium for delivering the voice of the members of Ewha throughout the globe. At present, the Ewha Voice functions on an international basis, serving to enhance the understanding of Ewha and sharing its culture with all English speaking societies.
A mere group that started to provide a learning experience for students taking journalism class in the English Department in has evolved into a school newspaper with glowing history.

 The year 1954 marks the public appearance of the first edition of the Ewha Voice. It was published as a laboratory newspaper by the seniors of the journalism class.

Dr. Helen Kim, the 7th president of Ewha supported the idea of publishing an English newspaper and requested the English compostion class to publish it. The Ewha Voice was the first newspaper among Korean university English newspaper press to be printed in regular news format and also one to be published rather than being just reproduced.
The first staff members consisted of Kim Tae-ok as the Managing Editor, Kim Young-hi as the School Editor and Kim Seung-sook as the City Editor. Professor Kathleen Crane, the instructor of the journalism class at that time, was the faculty advisor. The first edition of the newspaper created by a mimeograph was six pages with hand drawings instead of photographs.


Currently, the Ewha Voice has established its status as Ewha's official bi-weekly English newspaper that enables interaction among regular students, international students and faculties at Ewha. Seventeen reporters including the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor work in the Ewha Voice, writing and editing the eight-page volume.

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