Sprouting events for new start and changes in Ewha, 2014 3
Sprouting events for new start and changes in Ewha, 2014 3
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Photo provided by Dodum Media.
Present meets past, Ewha Voice & Ewha Weekly commemorate their 60th anniversary

The school’s official Korean and English newspaper both celebrated their 60th anniversary in 2014. Ewha Weekly’s Homecoming event was held on March 18 and Ewha Voice held its Homecoming event on Nov. 8. Both of their origins date back to 1954, when the wreckage of Korean War still remained in the country and Ewha. Despite harsh circumstances, Ewha Weekly and Ewha Voice strongly maintained their status as the school’s official press media by recording Ewha’s history of 60 years. Through Homecoming events, current reporters of Ewha Weekly and Ewha Voice greeted the former alumni of the newspapers with various performances and cherished the past 60 years together.

Ewha’s new dormitory that will occupy over 20 percent of student body

The new dormitory, known as Ewha Residential College (RC) adopted from models abroad to make use of dormitories not merely as places for inhabitance but also as one for communal experience and education, is under construction. Nearly 3.3 times larger than Hanwoori Hall, RC consists of six separate buildings, totalling 10,089m2 in area. The construction is expected to be completed in February 2016, after nineteen months of construction. The school expects the RC to alleviate student housing problem and provide more convenient academic environment, as the building alone can occupy 2,344 students.

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