Sprouting events for new start and changes in Ewha, 2014 2
Sprouting events for new start and changes in Ewha, 2014 2
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Photo by Chung Yun-jo.
Photo by Ewha Voice.
Innovation Ewha: professor Choi Kyung-hee elected as new president


Professor Choi Kyung-hee (Science Education) was appointed as the 15th president of Ewha Womans University on April 24. The former president, Kim Sun-uk’s four-year term officially ended in July and president Choi took over office on Aug. 1. President Choi is the youngest to be elected among inaugurated presidents since 1979. The new slogan of the 15th president is “Innovation Ewha,” which is a new initiative based on a spirit of challenge and innovation, bringing together all of the school’s capacities to take Ewha on its path to the top. President Choi plans to maximize Ewha’s global potential by building top-class education and interdisciplinary research facilities to bring future-minded innovation to Ewha.

New policies regarding foreign tourists at Ewha

The influx of foreign tourists and their excessive intrusion on Ewha campus have long been sources of discomfort for Ewha students. In May 2013, the Ewha Voice had conducted a survey targeting 650 Ewha students, which showed that approximately 78.92 percent of the respondents were displeased and bothered by foreign visitors.
Recognizing this chronic problem, the school introduced new policies this year to deter foreign tourists from disrupting students. Weekly Ewha Campus Complex (ECC) patrols were newly conducted, with student guards participating in the monitoring of the building. Placards that read “No entry: Please, no tourists beyond this point” were posted on entrances of main buildings including the ECC, Student Union building and Main Hall. The school further discussed its plan to reinforce students’ online security by communicating with Soedaemoon Police Agency and pursuing an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the agency.

Ewha SGA presidential election escapes sole candidate campaign in three years

After two consecutive years of sole candidates running for the Student Government Association  (SGA) presidential elections, the 47th SGA presidential election was held with two candidates on Nov. 18 and 19. Together Ewha and Moving Ewha ran as candidates for the election, in which Together Ewha was represented by presidential candidate Park Yu-jin (Composition, 2) and vice-presidential candidate Son Sol (Psychology, 2), and Moving Ewha was represented by presidential candidate Kang Da-young (Social Science Education, 3) and vice-presidential candidate Jo Jin-young (Painting, 3). The presidential election process for the 47th SGA was held from Oct. 30 to Nov. 19. The recommendation signing period for potential candidates was from Oct. 30 to Nov. 3. As a result, Together Ewha and Moving Ewha both signed up as official candidates. After recruiting election campaign supporters on, both candidates promoted their policies and pledges.

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