Flash mob to support African Children’s education takes place at ECC
Flash mob to support African Children’s education takes place at ECC
  • Lee Jae-lim
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Ewha Womans University organized a flash mob event to support African children's education with Save the Children on Nov. 26. Photo by Ewha Voice.
A flash mob event organized by School Me campaign was held at Ewha Campus Complex (ECC) on Nov. 26. 80 students holding black and white panels formed a giant QR code representing the campus of Ewha in the midst of crowd of students. The flash mob was organized by the NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) Save the Children as an extension of the School Me campaign which Ewha is supporting.
“School Me” is a campaign to support the education of 60,000 children of Africa from four different countries – Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cote d’Ivoire and Uganda – who are having difficulty going to school due to problems of child labor, early marriage, sexual assault or poverty.
Main event of this flash mob was forming a giant QR code. When a flash mob forms the QR code, taking a picture of the QR code with smartphone leads to a video of 20 RC (Residential College) students who introduce the purpose of the flash mob and cheers for the campaign to thrive. The video of the flash mob will be transferred to the security general of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon and this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner for peace, Malala Yousafzai.
The primary participants were RC students but any students of Ewha University were welcome to join.
The manager of the campaign hopes many people would understand the purpose of campaign.
“It has been a very meaningful campaign as it was fully organized by RC students,” said Lee He-jin (English, 2), the advertising manager of School Me. “To spread the purpose of the campaign, the participants will take pictures of their activities and upload them in various SNS.”

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