Ewha holds Ewha DNA Network Alumnae Interview event
Ewha holds Ewha DNA Network Alumnae Interview event
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The Office of University Planning and Coordination held the Ewha DNA (Dream & Achievement) Network Alumnae Interview event under the title “Pit-A-Pat Seniors, Discover the Dream Ewha DNA” for the purpose of connecting newly enrolling students with alumnae to share career experience and build a strong network within Ewha.
The event was constituted of two parts – “Choose the Ewha DNA Top 10 Alumnae” and “Now I Meet You” – which were both held from Nov. 13 to 26. The former event was an online voting pole for currently enrolled students to cast ballots for the top 10 alumnae they believed were most capable of sharing valuable career experience and offering useful advice. The validated candidates included a total of 58 alumnae from various fields including culture, art, athletics, journalism, politics, and medical service. The candidates were categorized in groups according to their career area; nonetheless, the top 10 were chosen according to the number of votes regardless of which group one belonged.
“The 10 elected alumnae will soon be asked for an individual interview,” said Lee Seung-ah, an official from the Office of University Planning and Coordination. “They will be given an opportunity to introduce Ewha Womans University as a representative of Ewha and give advice to students who are concerned with their future careers.”
Students who have voted to select the 10 representative alumnae become more favorable of winning a Starbucks gifticon. Also, they became more favorable of becoming the interviewer in the second event.
The second event “Now I Meet You” provided an opportunity for currently enrolled students to interview the alumnae face-to-face. Students interested were asked to submit an email of who they wanted to meet and why. After consideration of the reason of applying, interviewers were selected and informed at the end of November. The interviews will be scheduled to take place during winter break and the interviews for the top 10 alumnae will preferentially be progressed.
“We hope to help many students realize their dreams via this special opportunity,” Lee said. “As the Ewha DNA is a community network where Ewha students and alumnae come together, we believe that the interviews can become a chance for the legacy of dreams and experiences to be shared, enhancing the pride of being a student and graduate of Ewha.”

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