Sprouting events for new start and changes in Ewha, 2014 1
Sprouting events for new start and changes in Ewha, 2014 1
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Photo by Chung Yun-jo.
The year 2014 has been full of significant, meaningful news for Ewha in terms of novel changes and innovation, such as the inauguration of a new Ewha president and the fulfillment of Ewha Student Council in three years. As this year is coming to a close and the commencement of a new year is approaching, the Ewha Voice has looked back at some of the critical events in 2014 signaling innovative changes and fresh starts.

2014 Student Council held for first time in three years since 2012
The 2014 Student Council, embodying 1,661 Ewha registered students, number that exceeded 10 percent of registered student body for approval, was held on March 25 at the grass field near the main gate. The meeting was held for the first time in three years since 2012. The Student Council holds importance as is may be an effective way to deliver student demands. The 46th SGA announced Ewha students’ 10 demand plans that include further reduction in tuition, solving technical problem in EUREKA, and sharing the process of Ewha presidential election with students. A public interview with previous Ewha president Kim Sun-uk was requested after the event.

Ewha’s president seat opens up to male candidates

The position of the president of Ewha Womans University became open to male candidates starting this year’s 15th presidential election held in April. Previously, only female candidates were eligible to become the Ewha president. It was the first time the eligiliby rule was reformed since the establishment of Ewha Hak-dang in 1886. Ewha Hak-dang is an educational institution that grew into the school today. The eligibility rule was modified during a university board meeting regarding academic affairs on Dec. 30, 2013.

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