Together Ewha elected as 47th Student Government Association
Together Ewha elected as 47th Student Government Association
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Together Ewha won the presidential election from Moving Ewha 5,766 votes to 1,505 votes and has been elected as the 47th Student Government Association (SGA). Park Yu-jin (Composition, 2) was elected as president and Son Sol (Psychology, 2) was elected vice president of SGA for 2015.
The official presidential election period was from Nov. 18 to 19. However, it was extended till Nov. 20 as the voting rate was lower than the required 50 percent for votes to be considered valid.
The voting rate of the student population was 32 percent on the first day and 54.23 percent on the second. After three days of polls, a total of 7,981 students voted among the 14,716 student population.
Together Ewha expressed their own expectations towards a new year with Ewha students.
“I sincerely thank all those who supported us and paid interest in the presidential elections,” Park said. “We will endeavor to become a SGA that genuinely listens to and changes Ewha. We will act up to the endowed expectations and try our best to resolve our pledges and promises.”
Among the 54.23 percent of students who voted, 72.31 percent cast a vote in favor of Together Ewha and 18.87 percent cast a vote in favor of Moving Ewha.
Students generally showed positive expectations for the new SGA.
“Though there were various issues brought up on the candidates’ qualification for the 47th SGA elections, there are as much interest in the new SGA,” Kim Se-hyeon (English, 3) said. “I hope the 47th SGA keeps its promises made on its official pledges and accumulate to become one which receives more compliments among students.”
Meanwhile, held along with the SGA presidential elections were student council elections for each college and majors.
A total of 11 colleges excluding The College of Law held student council elections and the result for each is as follows: Zoom inmoon for The College of Liberal Arts, BeeApple for Social Sciences, Saerogochim for Natural Sciences, eveN for Engineering, Spring, Wind for Music, Jogoby for Art & Design, Neul-Poom Education for Education, The BI’s for Business Administration, begin again for Health Sciences, STEP UP for Pharmacy and TrustDIS and Scrnarae for Scranton.
Among all colleges, The College of Social Sciences was the only one to have two extension days to its election period due to low voting rates. Even after the first three consecutive days of voting, voting rates remained at 47.37 percent, not reaching the requirement level. Economics major had the lowest voting rate of all, presenting a 40.90 percent voting rate after the three days of voting period.
The official term for the 47th SGA and student councils will begin on Jan. 1 of  2015.

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