47th SGA presidential election: competitive spirit rises in Ewha 2
47th SGA presidential election: competitive spirit rises in Ewha 2
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Together Ewha

Q: What are your motives for running for the 47th SGA?
Park: During my years at Ewha, I noticed that many students have similar concerns and that problems can be tackled with our collective effort. I wanted an SGA that listens to students and always accompany them.
Q: What is the meaning of “Together Ewha?”
Park: “Together” means that SGA can do nothing without the students’ support. It means we should always take action with Ewha students by approaching and listening to them first.
Q: Which campaign promise do you prioritize?
Park: Our biggest focus is on reducing tuition costs, solving the problem of tourists on campus and improving the quality of the student cafeteria. 
Q: Do you have a specific plan to enact this election commitment?
Park: As for tuition, we will create a Ewha Tuition Standards Commission (TSC) task force to reflect student opinion in its meetings. Also, we will analyze the university’s accumulated funds to see how it can be used for students. As for foreign tourists, we will establish institutions to limit time open to tourists and set a daily quota of tourists. Finally, we will organize a permanent school cafeteria monitoring team to inspect its quality of food.
Q:  Are there any other remarks you would like to deliver to students at Ewha?
Park: We want to be an SGA that listens to students. We are willing to listen to your demands to the school and SGA.

Reporters: Yang Hae-in, Huh Ryun-jung

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