Ewha Voice commemorates its 60th anniversary
Ewha Voice commemorates its 60th anniversary
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Ewha Voice alumni gather together for 60th anniversary homecoming

Ewha Voice, Ewha Womans University’s official English newspaper, held its 60th anniversary homecoming day on Nov. 8 at the Ewha Campus Complex Theater.
Homecoming is a traditional event where alumni are welcomed back, and in the case of Ewha Voice, it is held every five years.
Accordingly, for its 60th anniversary homecoming event, Ewha Voice invited its alumni and former advisory professors in order to welcome them back and celebrate the history and longevity of Ewha Voice together.
The origin of Ewha Voice dates back to 1954, starting as a practice paper for English Language & Literature major students.
In 1972, it separated itself from the English Language & Literature department, and became a part of Ewha Weekly.
Eventually,  Ewha Voice turned into a solely independent organization distinct from the Ewha Weekly beginning from 2006.
Approximately 60 people attended the event, including former and current faculty advisors, Ewha Voice alumni and current reporters of the Ewha Voice.
The ceremony was composed of two parts. The first half of the ceremony began with the opening remarks of the MCs (Masters of Ceremony) and the showing of Welcome Message footage including a congratulatory message from Ewha president Choi Kyung-hee.
It was followed by words of greeting from current faculty advisor Lee Hyung-Sook (English Language & Literature), and a congratulatory speech from current managing director Cha Hee-won (Media Studies).
“I pay tribute to all of your accomplishments, being deeply moved by how your beads of sweat collectively formed the firm history of Ewha Voice today,” said professor Lee during her greetings speech. “As Ewha Voice expanded since 1954, when the pains of war still remained, to the present state of publishing eight pages of colored newspaper biweekly, it has accompanied a myriad of dynamic historical sites. Celebrating its 60th anniversary, Ewha Voice is facing an opportunity for rebirth.”
After the welcoming speeches of current faculty members, former advisory professors also delivered messages of looking back at the history of Ewha Voice and encouraging its present and future activities.
“When I became the managing director of Ewha Weekly in 1972, I was asked to undertake Ewha Voice as well,” said emeritus professor Ahn Kwang-shik, who served as the 5th managing director of the Ewha Media Center from 1972 to 1977. “Although it was quite difficult to manage newspapers during the Yushin regime, I took on the Ewha Voice because of my former connections with English newspapers. At that time, there were about four to five students, and the four-page-long papers were published monthly. It is the first English university newspaper in Korea. Ewha Voice has a long history and takes a pioneering role. I am proud of how Ewha Voice has improved and developed over the years. ”

Ewha Voice alumni who worked during the 1960s also spoke up about their memories regarding Ewha Voice at that time.
“We would cover news materials and write articles in English,” said Lee Ouk-jin, an alumnae who participated in Ewha Voice starting from 1959. “Doing journalism work was fun, although the circumstances were quite poor and inadequate. Working as a reporter was very interesting, and it was meaningful to develop something new. I am glad to see other alumni and juniors of Ewha Voice, and to visit the Ewha  campus again.”
Subsequently, currently working reporters were introduced, and the current editor-in-chief gave a presentation about the situations of   Ewha Voice today.
The first part of the ceremony ended with a congratulatory performance by the current managing editor.
After lunch, the second half of the event was progressed in a more entertaining and lighter note, with a dance performance by current Ewha Voice reporters, a brief session to share memorable episodes related to the English newspaper, and a raffle event. After such activities, the screening of a finale video and closing remarks from the current editor-in-chief followed, wrapping up the homecoming day.
As the ceremony came to a close, participants of the homecoming day expressed their thoughts on the special meaning of the 60th celebration of the Ewha Voice.
“It was a very meaningful opportunity to recall how the Ewha Voice has been recording almost half of Ewha’s history, amounting up to over 60 years,” said Lee Sang-ha (International Studies, 4), a former reporter of the Ewha Voice who worked from 2012 to 2014. “I was honored to see many alumni who had contributed to make Ewha Voice what it is today. I hope for the current and future reporters of the Ewha Voice to keep the tradition alive until we see each other again for the 70th, 80th anniversary and more.”

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