Student Service Center initiates student satisfaction survey
Student Service Center initiates student satisfaction survey
  • Ahn In-kyeong
  • 승인 2014.10.12 13:24
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The Student Service Center (SSC) conducted student satisfaction survey from Sept. 22 to Oct. 2. The survey will be held every year from this semester to data to contribute to the further development of Ewha. Previously, the survey only took place when needed. The most recent ones were taken in 2013 and 2011.
“We wanted to hear and understand the demand of students, who are the main customers of our university,” said Jung Soo-hyun, an official of the SSC. “We used University Customer Satisfaction Index, which measures the satisfaction toward the university, to specifically analyze the results. Furthermore, we will evaluate the result from the perspective of the students, who are the recipients of the education.” Jung said. “By analyzing the results, we are trying to reflect students’  opinions more actively and come up with effective improvements.”
The main criteria of the survey was on curriculum, tuition, scholarship and welfare, supporting of employment, library, professors, classrooms, administrative service and general satisfaction degree. 
Students from each college including the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Business Administration responded to the survey. The officials from the SSC visited places such as library and the lobby of each building to circulate the questionnaire. About 700 undergraduate and 300 graduate students accepted to write their opinions on the questionnaire.
“I was a little bit embarrassed when the official came to me in the library when I was studying,” Choi Ji-hyun (Business, 4) said. “However, when I saw the questionnaire and content, I was glad that the school is providing the chance to write down my opinion.”
The data was then sent to Research& Research, a corporation that professionally analyzes the survey data. Students’ responses collected from the questionnaire went through statistics process to be represented in a numerical figure, which allows no exposition of personal information.
"We aims to fully understand what students want by conducting survey and listening to their opinions,” Jung said. “We expect the school will actively invent and practice student-oriented policies and services based on the results so that the satisfaction of the students will go higher.”
The survey is now over. However, the result is on the process of further analyzing such as approving of the documents, coding and editing. About two to three week of time will take to the completion of analysis.

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