Division of Human Movement Studies holds new soccer match
Division of Human Movement Studies holds new soccer match
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Ewha Womans University is holding the 1st President Cup Soccer Match from Sept. 29 to Oct. 17. The title of the original soccer match which had been held for 19 years since 1995 had been renewed.
In the new soccer match, the winning team will be receiving the trophy under the name of the president, which signifies a larger scale of match than before.
Division of Human Movement Studies, the major that arranges the whole event, expects the match to provide an opportunity for different colleges, majors and clubs in Ewha to have an entertaining experience by interacting with one another.
The preliminary league is planned to be held from Sept. 29 to Oct. 14. After the preliminary game, the final tournament will be held from Oct. 15 to 16. Both the preliminary league and the final tournament will take place at the stadium, the Ewha Strip. The whole game will end on Oct. 17 with the closing ceremony.
“The former president of Ewha, Kim Sun-uk, always wanted to make the scale of the original soccer match much bigger,” said Yang Joo-young (Human Movement Studies, 3), the representative of Division of Human Movement Studies. “However, since she ended her term in office not accomplishing her wish, we have always had regrets for it. Because of that, students of Division of Human Movement Studies suggested to the new president that we hold a soccer match of a larger scale, and she agreed.”
As the original match changed its form to the President Cup Soccer Match, many rules have also been transformed.
The number of the soccer ball the players will be playing with in one game is reduced to one. In the past, players had two balls in one game as a unique feature of soccer matches held in Ewha Womans University. It was thought to be more fun to play with two balls rather than only one ball. Now, the number of balls had officially been changed to one, mostly because of the safety problems which occurred while playing with two.
Also, the amount of the prize money and the presents for the winning team have risen.
“Since it is our first time to hold such a big event, we hope that everything goes fine until the end of the match,” Yang said. “Furthermore, we hope this match to progress in a more advanced form as time goes by.”

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